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27 Districts of Chattisgarh
Baloda Bazar
Bastar (Jagdalpur)
Dantewada (S Bastar)
Kanker (N Bastar)
Koriya (Korea)
Surguja (Ambikapur)

Bemetara district was carved out by division of Durg district on Jan 1, 2012. It is situated on the North side of the Durg district. The total area of the district is 2854.81 sq. km. and total population of the district is around 795334. The boundary of the district touches 7 districts i.e. Durg, Raipur, Baloda Bazar, Bilaspur, Mungeli, Kawardha and Rajnandgaon of the Chhattisgarh State.

Owing to the geographical location and physical features, the climate of the district can be classified as tropical. Primarily there are two prominent seasons in the district - the hot summer and moderate winter. In the summer temperature rises upto 47 degree centigrate. The monsoon season starts immediately after summer till late September. The southwest monsoon bring average rainfall during rainy season and there is no draught prone area in the district.

Agriculture, Mining and Forest
This district is mainly agricultual district. The main crops of Kharif season are paddy, soyabeen, arahar etc. and main rabi season crops are wheat, gram, alsi, mustard etc. District is famous in india as "Unihari District". In the district Sand is digged from rivers. Limestone is found at many places in the district. Precious stone Quartz is found village Jevara. Trees of babool, mango, neem, pipal, kouha and khamhar are found in the district.

Transport and Industry
There is no railway line in the district. National Highway NH12A passes through the district. Bemetara - Durg and Mungeli via Bemetara, Kumahari are two important state highways which connects Bemetara to cities Durg, Raipur, Bilaspur, Bhilai and Kawardha. No major industry is established at Bemetara. Small and macro industries of brick, molasses (gurh), utensils, bamboo works etc. are present in the district. There are sufficient nos. of Rice mill, Daal Mil and Aara mil in the district. Small scale industries of shoe, soap and spice are operational in the district.

In the district Shivnath, Kharun, Hanf, Sakri, Hamp, Surahi and Phonk river flows. No major dam is constructed in the Bemetara district. Irrigation facility is provided through micro irrigation projects. Many farmers are dependent on the rains and tubewells for irrigation. Hence much of the land the district are unirrigated.

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