Financial currency

Currency in India : Indian rupee

A currency is a standardization of money. It can be banknotes, coins or digital currency.

But we are different.
We think currency can be a combination of current and see.
Money is a big currenct. People do many things because they are so hungry for money. And its never ending hunger.
A person with diabetes cant eat sweet.
Its time people realise that
They have money diabetes.
Money being sweet, they must not be hungry for sweet money.
They should be hungry to get BIGGER sweetner and that is Satisfaction of helping.
Again, let them not be myopic and help themself and their family.
They must think beyond themself.

Climate change is a BIG current which can kill humans, animals, trees, infact it is a BIG killer much bigger than a Nuclear Bomb.
Bank notes are made of paper. And fire ensures Bank Notes are burnt. They vanish. So be selfish to ensure Climate Change doesnt take such stage.
Remember, every human has expiry date and will also vanish.

Attitude is BIGGER currency because everyone has attitude. If it is wrong Current, people with false attitude are like killers.

Currency changes attitude of people because people love money.