CSR Judge

Corporates to see following
Character of the company
Taking care of employees and their families
Taking care of supply chain
Like investment, when one sees ROI which is Return on Investment, when partnering with an NGO, the CSR team should look at CSR as Returns, Opportunities and Impact
R = Returns in satisfaction terms
O = Opportunities to serve social sector and
I = Impact of investment

CSR Judge
CSRidentity.com could have easily given CSR or Sustainability links of corporates in the world.
But we think how they take care of their employees (HR policies), supply chain, logistics, climate, ethics is first and then giving to communities through NGOs or directly.

As sample, we are giving links to CSR or Sustainability of
Fotune500 companies
Forbes 2000 companies
you can see them as a format to see which links you should search for for corporates in your country. So we share links to the official websites of 50000 comapnies countrywise as well as share them just by corporate brand name.


NGOs to see following from corporates which fund them
1) If any corporate or any person belong to that corporate asks for some percentage of funds back to her or him as commission, then credible NGO should ne clear to say NO.
Yes, it may be loss of funds that the NGO will get but NGO has to decide whether character is important or greed to take moeny is important.

Yes, the NGO may give 100% of the money to the communities and giving 5% or 10% money back means lossing 95% or 90% of money which the community desparately needs is a BIG question.

But the answer is simple. NO.

This will be clear if the NGO person treats the NGO like self.
If someone asks your body or says you die and I will give 1 million dollars to the NGO, the NGO person says, I will die one day because I am clear everyone has to die one day. And death because of health issue is something I can not avoid.

But death for greed is not something which is my chracter. So be clear. Its NO.