CSR Budget

CSR Budget
Every NGO in every country is keen to know CSR Budget, contact details and issues corporate supports. They dont have time to see websites of all corporates in their country or all countries supporting issues they dont work.

We respect privacy of all and so do not share the contact person of a corporate or NGO or media or funding agency or a doctor or hospital .. we share links from which you can get this.

Please understand that we deal with all NGOs in all countries which work on different issues. So we share just countrywise corporates with their websites, so that you can see their annual report which shares CSR Budget & issues plus contact number.

How to know CSR Budget of a corporate.
We are sharing official website of the company.
Go to annual report of the company and in that you can see not just the overall CSR budget but the amount the corporate gives to issues or NGOs.
See links to CSR or Sustainability to see social issues the corporate supports

Of course knowing the CSR Budget is only one step.
Going to the corporate, approaching the corporate or its CSR team is difficult.
Convincing them to partner with your NGO (against other NGOs) is difficult.
But if you are doing good work, are making an impact of the money you spend as investment in communities and if you are supported by other corporates, funding agencies or philanthropists, then it makes the difficult job easier. That is why we are sharing NGO Brands countrywise and namewise.
There are millions of NGOs which are not supported financially by BIG corporates and it is not right not to cover them. So in social issues under each country, we share NGOs having programmes in that area in that country.
BWe know success matters.
So we are planning to invite NGOs, Corporates, Funding Agencies, Philanthropists, Celebrities, Volunteers to share success story of their investment in Time & Money and will share that as success stories. They have to send us just 2 paras of maximum 100 words because people may not read too much. But we give link to their site so that if they want to read more, they can go to actual source.