Solomon Islands

Interesting facts

The capital of Solomon Islands is Honiara located on the island of Guadalcanal.

The official language is English though Melanesian pidgin and 120 indigenous languages are also spoken.

Majority of the people in Solomon Islands are Protestants followed by Roman Catholics and others who have indigenous beliefs.

The currency used in this country is the Solomon Islands Dollar. It became an independent island-country on 7th July, 1978.

There are only two seasons in Solomon Islands: dry and raining. The rainy season is from November to April.

The largest of all Solomon Islands is Guadalcanal. The other significant islands are Choiseul, San Cristobal, Santa Isabel, Malaita, the Santa Cruz group and New Georgia.

The highest point is Mount Popomanaseu, located on the Guadacanal province at 2300 m making it an Ultra Peak (Ultra is short for ultra-prominent, the highest classification of mountain height.)

The world’s largest salt water lagoon – Marovo Lagoon is situated in New Georgia, Solomon Islands.

The major industries are fish (tuna), mining and timber. Agriculture is cocoa, coconuts, palm kernels, rice, potatoes, timber cattle, pigs and fish. The Exports are timber, fish, copra and palm oil.

The natural resources are fish, forests, gold, bauxite, phosphates, lead, zinc and nickel. The major trading partners are China, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore.



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