Interesting facts

Palau is often referred to as Belau.

In the Pacific Ocean, Palau is a part of the Caroline Island chain. In 1500, European explorers first discovered the Caroline Islands.

In 1783, Palau was accidentally discovered by the shipwrecked crew of Captain Henry Wilson when he reached the shores of Ulong.

In the Republic of Palau, the highest point is Mount Ngerchelchuus (242m).

In the First World War, Palau was occupied by the Japanese.

USA began administration of Palau in 1947. Under the United Nations authority, the islands became a part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

Palau and the combined States of Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk and Yap (the Federated Stated of Micronesia), gained separate status in 1979.

In 1981, The Republic of Palau came into existence.

In 1985, the first President of the Republic of Palau was assassinated.

Palau’s currency is the U.S. dollar.

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