Interesting facts

Mali is the biggest country in West Africa. It is roughly twice the size of Texas, the second largest American state.

Mali was the cradle of the Empire of Ghana, West Africa’s very first black empire.

Djenne– enjoy an amazing weekly market here in the shadows of the biggest man-made mud structure in the world, the spectacular Grand Mosque of Djenne.

The Republic of Mali is a landlocked country, and is located in Western Africa. It shares its borders with Algeria to the north, Niger to the east, Burkina Faso and the Cote d’Ivoire to the south, Guinea to the south-west, and Senegal and Mauritania to the west.

Mali is the 24th largest country in the world.

Rock paintings found in the region of Gao and Timbuktu suggest that the region of Mali was inhabited even around 50,000 BC.

Timbuktu was an important centre of Islamic learning and trade during medieval times. Some buildings remain from its hay day, and it’s still an important stop for salt caravans.

Bandiagara Cliffs– a beautiful area to hike through, with soaring cliffs and the fascinating culture of the Dogon people who live in this region.

Bamako– Mali’s capital city lies on the banks of the Niger River and is a wonderful place to explore local markets and live music.

Mopti– a river town with no equal, Mopti is a bustling harbor, market place, and a wonderful spot to take off on a river adventure in a pinasse.

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