Interesting facts
Measuring 4086mi^2, the largest salt pan Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is so flat that rain can’t drain, creating the world’s largest natural mirror. It’s also 5x better for satellite calibration than the surface of the ocean, and an elevation measurement accuracy of 0.8 inches.

One of Bolivia’s oldest silver mines has claimed the lives of an estimated 8 million people in the past 500 years. It is known as the ‘Mountain that eats men” and is still mined with pick and shovel today.

There is a giant limestone wall in Bolivia that has over 5000 dinosaur footprints on it. The 462 tracks were made by 8 species over 68 million years ago.

The tradition of women in Bolivia wearing bowler hats dates back to the late 1800’s when a shipment meant for English workers were too small so they were given to the locals.

There’s a bar in Bolivia called Route 36 that exclusively serves cocaine that’s renowned for its purity. Because neighbors constantly complain of noise, and because cocaine is illegal in Bolivia, the bar constantly changes its location which it spreads via word of mouth.

Bolivia’s largest prison, San Pedro, has a society within itself, with no guards inside the walls. It has shops and restaurants run by inmates. Inmates elect their own leaders, get jobs to pay for their cell’s rent, and can even live with their wives and children.

The rate of inflation in Bolivia went an estimated 25,000% to a single digit within a period of fewer than 6 weeks because of economic “shock therapy” designed by their former president.

Since it became an independent country in 1825, Bolivia has had more than 190 revolutions and coups.

Bill Gates tried to give Bolivia thousands of chickens and in doing so greatly offended the Bolivian government.

There’s a hotel in Bolivia made almost entirely of salt, complete with salt beds and chairs.


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