Interesting facts
The flag of Aruba, as well as its official anthem, “Aruba Dushi Tera,” were adopted on March 18, 1976.

The island is located 15 miles north of Venezuela.

Alonso de Ojeda became the first European to land on the island in 1499.

Before the Europeans took control of the island, it (Aruba) was inhabited by its indigenous population.

Aruba is famous for its white-sand beaches.

The Aruba International Film Festival welcomes filmmakers and film enthusiasts from around the world. The festival is internationally renowned.

Aruba was declared a useless island because of its absence of natural resources, including precious metals.

For a period of 108 years between 1816 and 1924, the population of the island increased from a mere 1,732 to 9,021.

The first chapel of Aruba was built in 1750.

Every year in June, Aruba hosts the Hi-Winds Amateur World Challenge windsurfing tournament. Without a doubt, Aruba is one of the most popular spots on earth for windsurfers.

The island has plenty of baseball lovers, as well. The tiny country has also produced some of the best athletes on the world stage.


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