Corporates Press Releases on new CSR programmes, CSR / Sustainability reports (Corporates from any country)

CSRidentity.com was started in 2010 for Indian corporates to learn from corporates across the world and corporates in the world can learn good practices from Indian corporates.

India launched 2% CSR initiative in 2013 but founder has an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013. Then onwards, founders focus has changed and he thinks every country is different from administrative purpose. Yes, he knows the culture, historical background and many other factors are great influencers on corporates but whichevery country, whichever language, the word corporates is used for corporates, some may be SMEs, MSMEs, Social enterprises, smaller or medium sized corporates or MNCs. But a corporate is a corporate. A doctor is a doctor. An NGO is an NGO (some call it NPO or some may call it in other form but the ideal purpose of the word NGO remains same)

We did a lot of research of corporates, NGOs, Funding agencies, Media, Celebrities, Doctors, Hospitals, importance of Religious locations and this online research was for many countries. It took time because we have to look at our own sustainability as individuals and as organisation.

We are now ready and start this process in October 2019.

PR agencies and Media can use this forum.
All the press releases will be link to the official website of the company (not PR agency)

The PR releases will be categorised in following manner
News about new programmes on Social, Health, Climate issues
News about release of CSR or Sustainability report
Joined a global or national initiative
Awards received


Our contact : email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com or message, whatsapp on 9820073599, 9769473599