Corporates in 258 countries, SARs, Islands, Territories and in Thane district of India

Target : 20 000 (Will increase numbers)
From : 200 countries, SARs, Islands ... (May increase numbers)
Period : 10 000 already online, 20 000 by 31.3.2020.

Links to the official websites of corporates
We plan to share links to the official websites of at least 10000 corporates, but if the response is good, we will not only increase the number of corporates (say 25000) but will try and link at least 20000 corporates to their official websites.

Sponsorship cost
As per our editorial policy, no corporate can sponsor this forum because other corporates will not like their name where the other corporate takes prominent space. But ad / PR agencies, consultants, researchers, NGOs, ospitals or others can sponsor.

Sponsorship fee includes reseach in all countries, informing business and industry associations in all countries, promotion (Online, telephonic, whatapp, emails), our sustainability, our profit.
email toDatacentre@CSRidentity.com to know the costs.

Sponsorship fee includes Global reseach & promotion (Online, telephonic, whatapp, emails), our sustainability, our profit.

The banner on top of every page of corporates in 258 countries, SARs, Islands, Territories will not be given to the sponsor because this is an information portal and on top of every page, we dont want any ad because it must show what this folder is about.
The sponsor will get 59% of each page in this forum (Width : 590 px and height : 1000 px)

What about non sponsor corporates, NGOs ?
We give opportunity for Corporates & NGOs to share their name with link to their official website on top of every page of the corporate forum for a nominal fee.

Search corporates
Some NGOs just want to know the corporates which funds the issue that the NGO is working with. This is available in three ways.
1) Issue forum which shares issues in India share corporates funding that particular issue in India
2) In this forum, we share corporates countrywise (India has a separate folder) and within the country page, we share corporates in that country. And if one wants to go further and know the issues that corporates in that country funds, then the visitor can go to the relevant country and see websites of all corporates and then arrive at the corporates which supports particular issue one is interested in. 3) Our consultancy wing, can visit all the corporates and arrive at the names of corporates financially supporting issue of your interest and in the State / NCT / UT of your interest. But this is for a cost.
Option 2 shared above is free but we need to visit each corporate in the country that we are doing research and see which issue they support and then give the names to the organisation asking this question. This involves lot of time and ideally, you can do it with investment of your time.

Our contact : email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com or message, whatsapp on 9820073599, 9769473599