Corporates in India (ET 500 corporates plus those corporates started by founder's batchmates shared free)

Corporates in India
India is our global example and we share individual pages for Economic Times 500 corporates in India free.
Each page shares that corporate's official website plus the social and issues it supports.
We plan to share these 500 corporates isseuwise by 28.2.2020 whereby anyone from any country can see which corporate supports say education or children or water...
It is good for corporates, NGOs, media

We dont select ET 500 (Economic Times selects the names)
We visit their website, annual reports, CSR/CS reports .. to arrive at the issues they support and they may add some issues or take out some issues and that is why we give link to the official website, so that one can see what is the latest.

If any corporate wants to add their page and the issues they support, they have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 3540/-
(Rs 3000/- plus 18%GST) and we will share their name, their official website and the social, health and climate issues they support. We will not only have their individual page but link the page to related alphabet (e.g. Hindustan Unilever will be in H)
We charge fees to promote their social, health, climate work plus our sustainability and our responsibility to promote 5 global examples which includes Brand Thane.

The official website of the company does two things
1) You can see the issues they support and in many cases the location
2) You get the contact details, so that you can contact them directly (without our help because that gives us more time for our global research and global promotion)

Shared free
In addition to the ET 500, we share HSBC and Citi India the two banks we have been associated with since 2006.

Share free corporates formed by founders batchmates
Corporates, SMEs, MSME, Agencies started by founders batchmates
Bedekar Vidya Mandir 1977 SSC
MH High School 1977 SSC
GIT (Engineering) 1980-1984
Welingkar Institute (MBA ) 1985-1987
plus his room mates at Belgavi

Though founder did Engineering in Mechanical, he includes students of all fields like Civil, Electrical .. in his batch
Though founder MBA (MMS) in Marketing, he includes all fields like HR, Finance, Operations.
Founder was in Bedekar school till 7th standard and then shifted to M H High School for 8,9, 10 standards.

Founder admits that he bunked many college lectures because he used to sit in library, study at home and more importantly play cricket, carrom, football. He also thinks that even now the focus in education system if on academics related to exams and they hardly focus on imbibing in minds of engineering students the importance of say a lathe or how marketing of health products really is good for health of the person (the focus is beat the competition and get more customers buy your health product.
The focus is still on Market Share instead of Mind Status
of customer or client or people in general.
Market Share will certainly improve if the customer is loyal to your Brand. And today's customer also sees how caring the company is for social issues and climate. So your customer must be aware of the issues you support and this is far far deeper than just sharing. Cause related marketing must imbibe their work in the Minds of Society (This MS is good)


Stock exchanges in India
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Mumbai : 1875
National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) : Mumbai : 1992

Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) Kolkata : 1908
Madras Stock Exchange Chennai : 1937

Inter-connected Stock Exchange Ltd. : Mumbai : 1998

United Stock Exchange of India Mumbai : 2010

OTC Exchange Of India Mumbai : first exchange for small companies : 1990

Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX) : Mumbai : 2003

Bangalore Stock Exchange (BgSE) : Bangalore : 1963

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