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So while we plan to share 15 000 corporates from about 200 other countries, SARs, Islands, territories, from India, we plan to share a minimum 15000 corporates and the numbers may go up if there is good response from NGOs, Governments, Media, Philanthropists and of course corporates, business associations, industry associations, SMSEs, supply chain...

CSRidentity.com has already shared 7500 corporates from India and plan to share 15000 corporates by 31.3.2020. And these can be corporates or MNCs who have presence in India.

Of the 15000, we will also share 5000 corporates industrywise because typically any company will see competing companies first and also see who can be their clients from related industry...

We are not sure how to share corporates Statewise because typically corporates who have office in Mumbai can not volunteer in Chennai, so NGOs which look at corporates will look at corporates in their state / UT for volunteering reason also. But that decision will be taken by 26 January 2020.

Links to the official websites of corporates
Instead of just names, we will share links to the official websites of 15000 corporates in India. Again, if the response is good, we will increase the number of corporates (say 25000)

We will send emails to most of these corporates but more importantly we will call 1000 large corporates, most of the corporates in Thane, out global example, all business and industry associations, many ad / PR agencies as well as business colleges.
And of course 1000 NGOs, 100 media, key government authorities in Industry, Finance, Tax ministry as central government ... some philanthropists

We start Social enterprises worldwide but in India, we plan MSMEs because we know even if their size or turnover is small, they employ millions of people and definitely reduce the burden of jobs and employability of central, state, NCT, UT and district governments.

Sponsorship cost
As per our editorial policy, no corporate can sponsor this forum because other corporates will not to share their name (even if its free) where other corporate which sponsors corporate forum takes more than 50% of the entire space (And we share about 100 corporates per page).

But Ad or PR agencies, MBA colleges, NGOs, Central, State / UT Governments, Consultants, Research organisations, Philanthropists, Hospitals can sponsor this forum (Yes, even if.PR agencies are registered as corporates, they are seen as a PR agency, so while technically & legally, they are corporate, people think they are a PR agency. And we are considering thinking angle of people)

Sponsorship fee includes reseach, telecons with corporates, business & industry associations, Ad / PR agencies, Media, NGOs, Government officials, Business colleges ...
promotion (Online, whatapp, emails), our sustainability, our profit.
email toDatacentre@CSRidentity.com to know the costs.

The banner on top of every page of corporates will not be given to the sponsor because this is an information portal and on top of every page, we want to share clearly that this is about corporates in India and having worked in Advertising & PR, founder is clear that it is not right to tell the advertiser what not to put.
Yes, having worked in Advertising & PR, we can include the sponsor's building on top banner but without the name of the sponsor because building becomes Identity here but giving the Identity a name of the sponsor dilutes the very purpose of this forum. It is about corporates in India and not just one PR agency or Media or NGO or Business College ...

The sponsor will get 59% space on the right side of each page of Corporates in India forum (Width : 590 px and height : 1000 px) and 15000 corporates means minimum 150 pages because on each page, we will share only 100 corporates.
In addition, we plan to put industrywise pages, where again, the right side banner is of sponsor.
And we may also decide location pages (at least all state capitals, metros) by 26th January 2020. Again here the links to corporates are same but it is easier for the user to see corporates in Bengaluru or Chennai or Mumbai or Delhi or Gurugram (Gurgaon) ...

What about non sponsor corporates, NGOs ?
We give opportunity for Corporates & NGOs to share their name with link to their official website on top of every page of the corporate forum for a nominal fee. And these can be corporates & NGOs from any country but we know corporates in South Korea who have no presence in India will not like to invest even a small amount or even if we say its free .. so ideally corporates or NGOs in India will only invest in having their name on top of every page and again, we restrict the number of corporates and NGOs to 25 only because too many corporates will not give them desired visibility.

Search corporates
Some NGOs just want to know the corporates which funds the issue that the NGO is working with. India is our global example country, so we have a simple free option.

Each Social, Health, Climate Issue forum will share names of corporates funding that particular issue in India.
Of course there many be many corporates, SMEs, MSMEs doing philanthropic issue that you are interested in but we may not have covered them. We will cover them if you share a related link.

We will do research to find more companies interested in that particular issue. We will invest time if we get organisations suppoting each Social, Health and climage issue.

Our contact : email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com or message, whatsapp on 9820073599, 9769473599