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Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited
HSBC, India
Hindustan Unilever Limited
Welingkar Institute
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Stock exchanges in India
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Mumbai : 1875
National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) : Mumbai : 1992

Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) Kolkata : 1908
Madras Stock Exchange Chennai : 1937

Inter-connected Stock Exchange . : Mumbai : 1998

United Stock Exchange of India Mumbai : 2010

OTC Exchange Of India Mumbai : 1990

Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) : Mumbai : 2003

Bangalore Stock Exchange (BgSE) : Bangalore : 1963


Central Government Ministry
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of corporate affairs
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate change
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How we share corporates ?
While corporates in any country are shared in English in alphabetical order, we also have industrywise or productwise corporates where we share related corporates in English alphabetical order.
So, we share corporates countrywise as well as industry / productwise.

Why we share corporates ?
Right from tooth paste to bed sheet, from soaps to medicines and even the cement we use for our home, everything is made by corporates. So except few indigeneous people, almost all the 7.8 billion plus people use products.

Corporates have the biggest social, health & climate responsibility.
They must help government of their country. But saying corporates should only do philanthropy is like saying all the 24 hours 365 days one should only clean teeth, wash face, take bath, eat, sleep or work, walk .. These are part of human life, so they are activities. Integrate these and many others, so that we are complete.

So it is important that one should look at the entire corporate and form an opinion. e.g. A company doing good philanthropy or PR but has bad product quality or bad service or bad treatment to its own employees, supply chain ... will never be a good company.
So philanthropy is just one part.

People should know the company from all perspectives and that is why, we share the corporate website not just CSR.

Corporates : Benefits to be on the right side
We think it is our responsibility to promote corporates.
But we must be sustainable to service you. Therefore corporates, products, colleges, media, NGOs can be on the right had side of all the pages of corporates in any 1 country by paying a nominal fee.

If you want CSR links (Not corporates but CSR) of corporates
If you want CSR links of companies that we have shared in any particular country, share the names and we can give you CSR links for a nominal fee of USD 50 (for 250 websites), USD 100 (for 251 to 1000 websites)..

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