Corporates in India (ET 500 corporates plus those corporates started by founder's batchmates shared free)

Coverage of Indian corporates
Till today : 6000 corporates
links to official websites : 510
By 28.8.2020 : 6000 corporates
links to official websites : 5000
By 25.12.2020 : 10000 corporates plus,
links to official websites : 8000
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India is our global example and we have also shared the social, health, climate issues 500 corporates in India are supporting.
These are ET 500 corporates.

Stock exchanges in India
Bombay Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)

Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE)
Madras Stock Exchange Chennai

Inter-connected Stock Exchange Ltd.
United Stock Exchange of India OTC Exchange Of India Mumbai
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX)

Bangalore Stock Exchange

Government ministries
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of corporate affairs

ET 500
We have one page for each of the ET 500 corporates
On which page, we share the name of the corporate brand, its official website and CSR focus area of that corporate brand.
In this case your corporate can also be seen on the issues your corporate brand supports.

What we plan to do
Promote CSRidentity.com to
10000 Corporates (June 2020 onwards), 50000 NGOs (June 2020 onwards)
300 Funding agencies (300)
500 Media (15h June 2020 onwards)
Plus many professionals like corporate, media, funding agencies

The official website of the company does two things
1) You can see the issues they support and in many cases the location
2) You get the contact details, so that you can contact them directly (without our help because that gives us more time for our global research and global promotion)


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