Corporates : Climate initiatives examples.

Climate is a major concern across the world.

While each individual, each celebrity, each NGO, each media .... have responsibility towards climate, the responsibility of corporates is major.
There are corporates in chemical industry which may have negative effect on climate.
Every IT industry pays handsome salary of their key employees and they come to office or go to meetings in vehicles which affect climate.
Media prints paper or magazine which indirectly means they cut trees because paper comes from trees, so they have responsibility.
Even judicial courts put together uses millions of tonnes of paper, which means they are indirectly cutting trees and no court which is ideally the one which takes care of justice is doing a job which is climate negative and CSRidentity.com is raising the issue with court system in Thane. Our idea is while pandemic has resulted in school children using mobiles, why cant court use digital ways in which they can save cutting millions of trees.

We plan to give more than 100 examples of how companies are taking care of climate.