Fortune 500 corporates









Fortune 500 are world's largest companies by financial turnover.

We know that because of Corona pandemic the turnover of many companies across the world has gone down but these are taken from Fortune 2019 list.

In each of these companies, we share name of the company, its industry, its headquarter location, its website, its CSR or Sustainability platform.

Research for over 475 companies is ready and we share Unilever as a sample.

As soon as we get a Brand which will be shared on the right hand side of every page, we will share what these large companies are doing under traditional corporate social responsibility term plus climate change. During the year, we will add Employee volunteering links of each of these companies.

We are sharing links to the companies because of
1) We respect privacy
2) We know some companies add or delete their CSR programmes and cant not gurantee that we should share it on the same day, so it is better to share their website, so tha tas soon as it is announced, it gets automatically seen by you.
3) For specific research, we need to take permission of the company, so we share links which is in public access zone.
4) Many companies have their websites in their country language but since CSRidentity.com is an English driven website, we share website links to pages which are in English.

For details, contact Datacentre.