Corporate Sectors (We cover corporates in all countries - From 20th Octoberm we will start sharing corporates industrywise first in India and later in all countries)

Identity of the corporate sector
People in different countries have different opinions of corporates. So the Identity (What you are is Identity and what people perceive you is your image) of corporate sector is not one.
Each corporate has unique identity and with millions of corporates the identity of corporate sector is very very difficult to know.
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Anyone who visits CSRidentity.com thinks that the portal is only about Corporates in the world. But we changed our thinking of CSR from Corporate Social Responsibility to Conscience Sustainability & Reputation after 28.08.2013 when the founder had an almost fatal accident.

He saw Social Responsibility in Doctors, MRI attendant, friends, many individuals, NGOs, PR agency, builders ... and he thinks that though in medical terms he is same, in thinking terms this is his second birth.

But he knows he cant change the thinking of billions of people on earth plus millions of for profits, not for profits, thousands of governments ....

So the centre of the canvas is Corporates & NGOs but now the canvas if far bigger and covers over hundred stakeholders like Funding agencies, media, philanthropists, agencies, consultants, research organisations, doctors, hospitals, celebrities .... and more importantly tourism places and religion locations which gives satisfaction of people around the world. Plus rivers and scientists who have the power to change lifestyles....

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