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When we say and we are from India, people expect it to be a portal for corporates in India. Few things to note
1) In 2010, we thought CSR was Corporate Sustainability & Reputation and hence names the company which manages, as CSR Consulting with focus on corporates in India.
2) 28.08.2013 was important for us because that changed the thinking of founder about CSR. He thought CSR has to be far deeper and larger than just Corporate Social Responsibility that people equate it to, afterall CSR is just one small department for corporates and that too in India, CSR is managed by CSR or Corp communications or PR or HR or just the CEO office. And the percentage of staff focussing on CSR is nowhere near 1% in most of the large companies.










the name
We plan to share only the stock exchanges in India with link to their official website.

We have official websites of 8 000 corporates in India in english alphabetical order, as of now. You can buy a pdf version of these 8000 official websites for Rs 16000/- including GST

If you think that the cost is too much, calculate the time of an employee who goes through 8000 websites, the salary you pay her / him for that time plus other expenses like computer, internet, infrastructure ... and you will realise that Rs 2 per official website including GST is hardly any cost.

Corporates in countries outside India
We have official websites of few thousand corporates in USA, hundred plus in Japan, China, UK
If you want to buy pdf version of the same, just send an email to with costs you are ready to pay and if the costs are right, we will send you pdf after receiving the fees.

More importantly, if any corporate wants to be seen on the page of their country, then they can pay a nominal fee of USD 35/- and be there on the page of that country.

Why pdf on email instead of CD
We want to help climate, so instead of wasting paper and CD material, we will send it by email
Also, sending by email is hardly a minutes job but making a CD, sending it within or outside India will take time of post / courier plus related costs

email can be saved and you dont have to carry the CD everytime you need. More importantly, many corporate CEOs use mobiles more than computers or laptops, so it is easier for them

But in each country, we plan to share the related official website of stock exchange in that country free for all visitors.

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