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Skin diseases

A + D Cracked Skin Relief OTC
Aclaro Rx/OTC
Aclaro PD Rx/OTC
Acnex Rx/OTC
Acnomel Acne Mask Rx/OTC
Adazin Rx
Akurza Rx/OTC
Ala-Cort Rx/OTC
Ala-Scalp Rx/OTC
Ala-Scalp HP Rx/OTC
Alera Rx/OTC
Aliclen Rx/OTC
Alodox Rx
Alphaquin HP Rx/OTC
Alphatrex Rx
Aluvea Rx/OTC
amikacin Rx
Amikin Rx
Amikin Pediatric Rx
ammoniated mercury Rx
ammonium lactate / halobetasol Rx
Amoclan Rx
amoxicillin Rx
amoxicillin / clavulanate Rx
Amoxil Rx
ampicillin Rx
ampicillin / sulbactam Rx
Analpram E Rx
Analpram-HC Rx
Ancef Rx
Antibiotic Plus Pain Relief OTC
Apexicon Rx
ApexiCon E Rx
Apo-Amoxi Rx
Aqua Care Rx/OTC
Aquanil HC Rx/OTC
Aquaphilic with Urea Rx/OTC
Atrac-Tain Rx/OTC
Augmentin Rx
Augmentin ES-600 Rx
Augmentin XR Rx
Avelox Rx
Avelox I.V. Rx
Azactam Rx
azithromycin Rx
Azithromycin Dose Pack Rx
aztreonam Rx
Baciguent Rx/OTC
bacitracin Rx/OTC
bacitracin / hydrocortisone / neomycin / polymyxin b Rx
bacitracin / neomycin / polymyxin b OTC
bacitracin / neomycin / polymyxin b / pramoxine OTC
bacitracin / polymyxin b OTC
Bactocill Rx
Bactrim Rx
Bactrim DS Rx
Bensal HP Rx/OTC
benzalkonium chloride / lidocaine OTC
Beta HC Rx/OTC
Betacort Rx
Betamethacot Rx
betamethasone Rx
betamethasone Rx
Beta-Val Rx
Betnovate Rx
Biaxin Rx
Bicillin C-R Rx
Bicillin C-R 900 / 300 Rx
Bicillin L-A Rx
Biocef Rx
Bionect Rx
Blanche Rx/OTC
boric acid OTC
Caladryl Clear OTC
Caldecort Rx/OTC
Carb-O-Philic / 10 Rx/OTC
Carmol Rx/OTC
cefaclor Rx
cefadroxil Rx
cefazolin Rx
cefdinir Rx
cefditoren Rx
cefepime Rx
Cefotan Rx
cefotaxime Rx
cefotetan Rx
cefoxitin Rx
cefpodoxime Rx
cefprozil Rx
ceftazidime Rx
Ceftin Rx
ceftriaxone Rx
cefuroxime Rx
Cefzil Rx
Celestone Soluspan Rx
cephalexin Rx
Cerovel Rx/OTC
Cetacort Rx/OTC
cilastatin / imipenem Rx
Cipro Rx
Cipro I.V. Rx
Cipro XR Rx
ciprofloxacin Rx
Claforan Rx
clarithromycin Rx
Clear Away Wart Removal System Rx/OTC
Clear Calamine OTC
Cleeravue-M Rx
Cleocin Rx
Cleocin HCl Rx
Cleocin Pediatric Rx
Cleocin Phosphate Rx
clindamycin Rx
clobetasol Rx
Clobevate Rx
Clobex Rx
Clodan Rx
Complex HQ Plus Rx/OTC
Cormax Rx
Cormax Scalp Rx
Cortaid Rx/OTC
Corticaine Rx/OTC
Cortisporin Cream Rx
Cortisporin Ointment Rx
Cortizone-10 Rx/OTC
Cortizone-10 Anal Itch Cream Rx/OTC
Cortizone-5 Rx/OTC
Cotacort Rx/OTC
Co-trimoxazole Rx
Cubicin Rx
Cubicin RF Rx
Curad Triple Antibiotic OTC
dalfopristin / quinupristin Rx
daptomycin Rx
Daxbia Rx
Del-Beta Rx
DermalZone Rx/OTC
Dermarest Plus Anti-Itch Rx/OTC
Dermarest Psoriasis Skin Treatment Rx/OTC
Dermasorb HC Rx/OTC
Dermasorb XM Rx/OTC
Dermatop Rx
Dermovate Rx
Dermtex HC Rx/OTC
DHS Salicylic Acid 3% Rx/OTC
dicloxacillin Rx
diflorasone Rx
Diprolene Rx
Diprolene AF Rx
Doryx Rx
Doryx MPC Rx
Doxy 100 Rx
doxycycline Rx
Dr Scholl's Corn Removers Rx/OTC
Dr Scholl's Zino Soft Corn Remover Rx/OTC
Duospore OTC
Durasal Rx/OTC
Duricef Rx
Dycill Rx
Dynacin Rx
Dynapen Rx
E.E.S. Granules Rx
E.E.S.-400 Rx
Eldopaque OTC
Eldoquin Rx/OTC
Embeline Rx
Embeline E Rx
Epifoam Rx
Epimide 50 Rx/OTC
EpiQuin Micro Rx/OTC
ertapenem Rx
Eryc Rx
EryPed Rx
Ery-Tab Rx
Erythrocin Rx
Erythrocin Lactobionate Rx
erythromycin Rx
Esoterica OTC
Esoterica Daytime OTC
Esoterica Nighttime OTC
Esoterica Sensitive Skin OTC
Exuviance Intense Lightening Complex Rx/OTC
First Aid Antiseptic OTC
Flagyl Rx
Flagyl 375 Rx
Flagyl IV Rx
Florone Rx
Floxin Rx
fluocinolone / neomycin Rx
Fortaz Rx
Fostex Rx/OTC
Freezeone One Step Rx/OTC
Freezone Rx/OTC
Freezone Corn Remover Rx/OTC
Garamycin Rx
gentamicin Rx
Gly-Cort Rx/OTC
Glytone Clarifying Rx/OTC
Glytone Skin Lightening Rx/OTC
Gordons Urea Rx/OTC
Gormel Rx/OTC
Gormel 10 Rx/OTC
Gynecort Maximum Strength Rx/OTC
HC Pram Rx
Hydrisalic Rx/OTC
Hydro 35 Rx/OTC
hydrocortisone Rx/OTC
hydrocortisone / neomycin / polymyxin b Rx
hydrocortisone / pramoxine Rx
Hydro-Q Rx
hydroquinone Rx/OTC
Hydroquinone and Sunscreen Rx/OTC
Hylafem OTC
Hylase Wound Gel Rx
Hylira Rx
Hytone Rx/OTC
Ilosone Rx
Instacort Rx/OTC
Invanz Rx
Ionil Plus Rx/OTC
IPM Wound Rx
Itch-X Lotion Rx/OTC
Keflex Rx
Kefzol Rx
Kenalog-10 Rx
Kera Nail Rx/OTC
Kera-42 Rx/OTC
Kerafoam Rx/OTC
Keralac Rx/OTC
Keralyt Scalp Rx/OTC
Keralyt Shampoo Rx/OTC
KeralytGel Rx/OTC
Keratol 45 Rx/OTC
Keratol HC Rx/OTC
Kerol Rx/OTC
Kerol AD Rx/OTC
Lacticare-HC Rx/OTC
Latrix Rx/OTC
Levaquin Rx
levofloxacin Rx
Locoid Rx/OTC
Locoid Lipocream Rx/OTC
LumaSilk Rx/OTC
Lustra Rx/OTC
Lustra-AF Rx/OTC
Lustra-Ultra Rx/OTC
Luxiq Rx
Maxiflor Rx
Maxipime Rx
Medi-Quik OTC
Mefoxin Rx
Melamin Rx/OTC
Melamin-C Rx/OTC
Melamix Rx/OTC
Melpaque HP Rx/OTC
Melquin HP Rx/OTC
Melquin-3 Rx/OTC
meropenem Rx
Merrem Rx
MeTopic Rx/OTC
metronidazole Rx
MiCort-HC Rx/OTC
Minocin Rx
minocycline Rx
Mondoxyne NL Rx
Monodox Rx
Morgidox Rx
Mosco Corn & Callus Remover Rx/OTC
moxifloxacin Rx
Moxilin Rx
Myrac Rx
nafcillin Rx
NeoCeuticals Post-Acne Fade Rx/OTC
neomycin / polymyxin b / pramoxine OTC
Neosporin OTC
Neosporin + Pain Relief Ointment OTC
NeoStrata HQ Skin Lightening Rx/OTC
Neo-Synalar Rx
Neova Complex HQ Plus Rx/OTC
Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Rx/OTC
Novacort Rx
NuCort Rx/OTC
Nuquin HP Rx/OTC
Nutracort Rx/OTC
Nutraplus Rx/OTC
Obagi C Rx System C Clarifying Serum Rx/OTC
Obagi Condition and Enhance Rx/OTC
Obagi Skin Lightening Complex Rx/OTC
Obagi-C Rx System C-Therapy Night Cream Rx/OTC
Ocudox Rx
ofloxacin Rx
Olux Rx
Olux / Olux-E Kit Rx
Olux-E Rx
Oraxyl Rx
oxacillin Rx
Oxy Face Scrub Rx/OTC
P & S Rx/OTC
Palmers Skin Success Eventone Fade OTC
Pandel Rx/OTC
Panixine Rx
PCE Dispertab Rx
Pediaderm HC Rx/OTC
penicillin g benzathine Rx
penicillin g benzathine / procaine penicillin Rx
penicillin g potassium Rx
penicillin g sodium Rx
penicillin v potassium Rx
Penicillin VK Rx
Pfizerpen Rx
piperacillin Rx
piperacillin / tazobactam Rx
Polysporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment OTC
Pontocaine Rx/OTC
Pramosone Rx
Pramosone E Rx
pramoxine / zinc acetate OTC
prednicarbate Rx
prednisone Rx
Primaxin IM Rx
Primaxin IV Rx
procaine penicillin Rx
Proctofoam HC Rx
Propa pH Acne Med Cleansing Rx/OTC
Psorcon Rx
Psorcon E Rx
R A Acne Rx/OTC
RadiaPlexRx Rx
Rea Lo 39 Rx/OTC
Rea Lo 40 Rx/OTC
Rea-Lo Rx/OTC
Recort Plus Rx/OTC
Recover Lightening Complex Rx/OTC
Remergent HQ Rx/OTC
Remeven Rx/OTC
Resinol Rx/OTC
resorcinol Rx/OTC
Rinnovi Nail System Rx/OTC
Rynoderm Rx/OTC
Salac Rx/OTC
Salacyn Rx/OTC
Salex Rx/OTC
salicylic acid Rx/OTC
Salitop Rx/OTC
Salkera Rx/OTC
Salvax Rx/OTC
Sarnol-HC Rx/OTC
Scalacort Rx/OTC
Scalp-Cort Rx/OTC
Scalpicin Scalp Relief Rx/OTC
Septra Rx
Septra DS Rx
silver Rx/OTC
Skin Lightening Complex Rx/OTC
Skinprint Cleartone Rx/OTC
sodium hyaluronate Rx
Spectracef Rx
Stri-Dex Rx/OTC
Stridex Body Focus Rx/OTC
Stridex Maximum Strength Rx/OTC
sulfamethoxazole / trimethoprim Rx
Sulfatrim Pediatric Rx
SunVanish Cream Rx/OTC
Synercid Rx
Tazicef Rx
Temovate Rx
Temovate E Rx
tetracaine Rx/OTC
Texacort Rx/OTC
Thera-Sal Rx/OTC
tigecycline Rx
Tobi Rx
tobramycin Rx
triamcinolone Rx
Triple Antibiotic OTC
Tygacil Rx
U40 Rx/OTC
U-Cort Rx/OTC
U-Kera Rx/OTC
Ultra Mide Rx/OTC
Ultravate PAC Rx
Umecta Rx/OTC
Umecta Mousse Rx/OTC
Umecta Nail Film Rx/OTC
Umecta PD Rx/OTC
Unasyn Rx
Uramaxin Rx/OTC
Uramaxin GT Rx/OTC
Uramaxin TS Rx/OTC
urea Rx/OTC
Urea Nail Rx/OTC
Ureacin-10 Rx/OTC
Ureacin-20 Rx/OTC
Urealac Rx/OTC
Urevaz Rx/OTC
Utopic Rx/OTC
Valisone Rx
Vancocin Rx
Vancocin HCl Rx
Vancocin HCl Pulvules Rx
vancomycin Rx
Vibramycin Rx
Vibra-Tabs Rx
Westcort Rx/OTC
Wycillin Rx
Xclair Rx
Ximino Rx
X-Viate Rx/OTC
Zinacef Rx
Zithromax Rx
Zmax Rx
Zosyn Rx

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