Identity (To start on 4 July)
Corporate communications people (Names of people only ; no company names)
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Corporate communications far larger than corporate publicity.
Professionals who manage corporate communications & their team members share what a corporate stands for. They are key people in sharing corporate identity to various stakeholders.

These stakeholders can be from government of the country or governments of the other countries, customers, clients, consultants, researchers, NGO / NPO people, philanthropists, ad / PR agency people .... and media people.

Corporate communications teams must tell their creative & strategy teams to enhance the image of not just the corporate but the social issues which they address, the country, humanity ... and do something in the business processes that helps positively the climate change issue.

Good identity is not an overnight ad capsule, it takes time.
Yes any bad thing done (or may be bad publicity by others) damages identity of the good work you have done for so long. Good identity can be enhanced to be better and it helps to enhance the image within the country or at global level.

All of us know that we are living in a global village.
Technology has made us come together faster.

Corporate communication people names will include people who head corporate communications and their teams.

We start with India as a global sample country and from 28.8.2018, start inviting and sharing names in other countries.

We know these professionals may change institutions or place of work and therefore we will not share the names of the institute they are associated with, but just the name of the person.

Identity of Corporate communications people
As a responsible professional, one must look at the Sustainability & Reputation tree branches & leaves and pick up those braches & leaves relevant to them.

We are concerned about Reputation of the sector because we know it is not just an individual reputation but it is an integration of Corporate communications people across the country.

CSRidentity.com will share interviews of related experts on what they think is the Identity of the sector and what must be done to enhance the identity.

If you want to share any name, email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com