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Major social issue. It is infact a Life issue

When son, grand son, daughter is law purposely dont see you before you leave earth and worst is when they influence others not to see you when you are about to leave earth.
Their identity damages human identity. Your identity lives as a case study.
No names shared because we respect privacy, but if they KILL that person, then not just their names, but name of a person who said about Blood Bath in front of High Court Lawyer on 11th July 2013, name of person who talked not good about police on mobile, name of a person who was not in society meeting but signed at home an important decision in 2008 plus who did what to a medically fit young engineer will be open to people across the world..

Born humans may kill someone, thinking they have won. They will know that they are big loosers. They, their future generations, neighbours, relatives will suffer till they exit earth. And beyond that. They kill 1 but that may result in many people killed, not physically but mentally.. No politician or court can question a dead person.

This is not an individual's real life story. It is not a story yet. But if anything purposely done wrong, then it can be a story world will see. Media, Social media are still alive in the world.

Nobel's WILL had objections nationally & internationally and his family opposed for the establishment of Nobel Prize. So dont worry about objection to WILL.

You are unique
Help others in the world, when you are alive or do it through a WILL like what Giving Pledgers do

While many do not care for their parents, some on earth purposely do not see their father, grand father, father in law who has left life but is about to leave this earth.
Science increases age. They are so short thinkers & egoistic that they forget that a day will come when they are grand parents or parents.
As of now there are humans on this planet and if we see them one day, hope they dont have such human attitude. See more information at the end of the earth page.