Collectors in districts of India

We had shared collectors in each district folder.
But we have changed the format of each of the 258 countries / SARs / islands / territories that are shared on CSRidentity.com and each of the 710 districts of India (CSRidentity.com global example country).

In each country / SAR / island / territory folder we have shared two things prominently
1) interesting facts to know about that in that country / SAR / island / territory
2) Corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, media., philanthropist, people, police .. which want to avail of our service to put their name with due link to their site.
Same will be followed in each district folder from now to 28.3.2019 and we will invite collectors (and all of you) to share interesting facts about any district.

We had initially shared the name ofeach collector but realised that district collectors are transferred at any time because of several issues like promotion, political changes ... so we have now shared only the office address because ultimately one wants to reach out to the collector for many things and the name of the collector is not the priority in this case.