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We will share only clubs formed, managed and run by people who just dont want to enjoy life but want to do good for communities.

We will promote the such clubs from across the world.

If the clubs want to get in touch, they can write to Editorial team.


Cultural / community / sports clubs
If you want to share your philanthropy work as a Club, use the following format.

Name of the Club
About the Club : 3 paras
Address which shares the phone number
Website of the Club
Year in which the Club was formed
Contact Person details which shares name, address, mobile number and email address
Founder Name

President's Name
Geographical Focus of work

Philanthropic supported by the Club : 1 to 4 paras on every issue the Club shares. We request the Club not to worry on the alphabetical order of philanthropic issues. It depends on the specialisation of the Club or work schedule.

If a Club is not covered, then Club CEO or programme heads which handle the Developmental issues can send their profiles to editorial team.