Cleantech Index

The Cleantech Index
The Stock Market Index of the World’s Leading Cleantech Companies

The Cleantech Index® is the first, and only, stock market index intended to reflect the surging global demand for clean technology products and services. By tracking the market performance of the world’s foremost publicly traded cleantech companies, the Cleantech Index has become the industry standard index underlying a growing range of financial products, such as exchange traded funds, mutual funds, and other derivatives.

The Index is currently comprised of 51 companies that are global leaders in cleantech across a broad range of industry sectors– from alternative energy and energy efficiency to advanced materials, pollution prevention, water desalinization, eco-friendly agriculture/nutrition, power transmission, and efficient transportation, among others.

Top-quality public companies with big impact
Like the Dow Jones 30 Industrials® and S&P 500® Indices, the Cleantech Index uses an active selection process based on company merit and the nature of its business to select only the best companies. From a universe of approximately 1,000 companies considered worldwide, less than 70 survive our 16 quantitative and qualitative screens and far fewer survive the two additional screens.

We focus on the companies that have staying power and the ability to exploit rapidly growing and evolving markets. The Index is a growth stock index of leading clean technology companies worldwide – not a ‘laundry list’ of every company that ever dabbled in cleantech or those that have recently rebranded themselves as ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly. That’s what most composite indices are. While only some of the Index companies are true “game-changers”, all of them are leaders in the commercial development and deployment of clean technologies which is where cash profits are generated and the biggest impact is often made.

Cleantech Index