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Welcome to Christmas Island

Named in 1643 for the day of its discovery, the island was annexed and settlement began by the UK in 1888 with the discovery of the island's phosphate deposits. Following the Second World War, Christmas Island came under the jurisdiction of the new British Colony of Singapore. The island existed as a separate Crown colony from 1 January 1958 to 1 October 1958 when its transfer to Australian jurisdiction was finalized. That date is still celebrated on the first Monday in October as Territory Day. Almost two-thirds of the island has been declared a national park.

Source : https://www.cia.gov
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Southeastern Asia, island in the Indian Ocean, south of Indonesia

Geographic coordinates
10 30 S, 105 40 E

Map references

total: 135 sq km
country comparison to the world: 222
land: 135 sq km
water: 0 sq km

Area - comparative
about three-quarters the size of Washington, DC

138.9 km

Maritime claims
territorial sea: 12 nm
contiguous zone: 12 nm
exclusive fishing zone: 200 nm

Elevation extremes
lowest point: Indian Ocean 0 m
highest point: Murray Hill 361 m

National symbol(s)
golden bosun bird

National anthem
note: as a territory of Australia, "Advance Australia Fair" remains official as the national anthem, while "God Save the Queen" serves as the royal anthem (see Australia)

revenues: $NA
expenditures: $NA

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