Chinese Language Day : 20 April

About United Nations Chinese Language Day
In 2010, the United Nations Department of Public Information (now the Department of Global Communications ) announced the launch of United Nations Language Day. This initiative aims to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity and to promote equal use of the six official languages ??in the United Nations. Among them, the Ministry of Information set the Chinese language day on "Grain Rain", the twenty-fourth solar term of the lunar calendar, to commemorate the contribution of Cangjie, "the ancestor of Chinese characters," in creating characters.

Over the years, the United Nations Chinese Language Day has become a window for people to understand Chinese culture. Every year around Chinese Day, the United Nations Headquarters in New York will launch a series of colorful activities, including art exhibitions, Chinese learning forums, special lectures, fashion and traditional opera exhibitions, etc.

In addition, the United Nations offices in Geneva, Bangkok, Nairobi, Vienna, and some other United Nations agencies will also hold exhibitions, lectures, fun knowledge quizzes and other activities to demonstrate the charm of Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Gu Yu and Cangjie coined Chinese characters
Grain Rain is the last solar term in spring. At this time, the newly planted seedlings and new crops in the fields need the nourishment of rain the most, so it is said that "spring rain is as expensive as oil". At the end of spring and the approaching of summer, duckweeds in the ponds begin to grow, and spring tea is also harvested around this season. At this moment, it gives people a picture of all things growing and thriving, as the so-called "the season of the year lies in spring".

Regarding the origin of the Grain Rain Festival, according to the "Huainanzi", Cangjie's creation of characters was an earth-shattering event. The Yellow Emperor issued an edict in late spring and early summer, announcing that Cangjie had succeeded in creating characters, and called on all subjects to learn it together. According to legend, because of his merits in making Chinese characters, he moved the Emperor of Heaven. At that time, the world was suffering from a famine, so he ordered the soldiers of heaven to open the granary of the Tiangong, and a rain of grains rained down, and all the people of the world were saved. Therefore, later generations named this day as Guyu, and it became one of the twenty-four solar terms.


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