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Welcome to Chad

Flag Description

Three equal vertical bands of blue (hoist side), yellow, and red; the flag combines the blue and red French (former colonial) colors with the red and yellow of the Pan-African colors; blue symbolizes the sky, hope, and the south of the country, which is relatively well-watered; yellow represents the sun, as well as the desert in the north of the country; red stands for progress, unity, and sacrifice

note: similar to the flag of Romania; also similar to the flags of Andorra and Moldova, both of which have a national coat of arms centered in the yellow band; design was based on the flag of France

Independence / Republic Days
Independence from France August 11, 1960


Calling code

Central African CFA franc (XAF)

Geographic Coordinates
12°06'N 16°02'E

Official languages

Central Africa, south of Libya

Geographic coordinates
15 00 N, 19 00 E

Map references

total: 1.284 million sq km
country comparison to the world: 21
land: 1,259,200 sq km
water: 24,800 sq km

Area - comparative
slightly more than three times the size of California

0 km (landlocked)

Maritime claims
none (landlocked)

Elevation extremes
lowest point: Djourab 160 m
highest point: Emi Koussi 3,415 m

noun: Chadian(s)
adjective: Chadian

French (official), Arabic (official), Sara (in south), more than 120 different languages and dialects

National symbol(s)
goat (north); lion (south)

National anthem
name: "La Tchadienne" (The Chadian)

National Anthem lyrics/music
Louis GIDROL and his students/Paul VILLARD
note: adopted 1960

revenues: $2.753 billion
expenditures: $3.557 billion (2013 est.)

Taxes and other revenues
20.3% of GDP (2013 est.)
country comparison to the world: 162

Budget surplus (+) or deficit (-)
-5.9% of GDP (2013 est.)
country comparison to the world: 177

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