Celebrities in Hong Kong

Ronald Arculli attorney
Beyond music group
Kemal Bokhary jurist
Benny Chan film director, producer, screenwriter
Benny Chan actor, singer
Bernard Chan politician
Christina Chan political activist
Danny Chan singer, composer
Frankie Chan martial arts actor, film director
Gordon Chan film director, writer, producer
Jackie Chan stuntman, actor
Kenneth Chan politician, professor
Moses Chan actor
Natalis Chan television host
Norman Chan banker, treasury official
Pamela Chan consumer rights activist, academic
Paul Chan politician, accountant, professor
Peter Chan film director, producer
Philip Chan film director, producer, screenwriter
Tony F. Chan mathematician
Adam Cheng actor, singer
Albert Cheng politician, radio host
Ekin Cheng actor, singer
Kent Cheng actor
Lawrence Cheng screenwriter, producer
Shiu-Yuen Cheng mathematician
Flora Cheong-Leen fashion designer
Amy Cheung conceptual artist
Andrew Cheung jurist
Jacob Cheung film director, producer, screenwriter
Joe Cheung director, producer
Lisa Cheung visual artist
Matthew Cheung politician
Steven N.S. Cheung economist
Ronnie Chan Chi-chung real estate developer
Alec Chien pianist
Kuei Chih-Hung film director, screenwriter
Kwong Chi-kin politician
Jim Chim actor, comedian
Charles Ching jurist
Lee Chi Ching illustrator
Samson Chiu film director, film writer
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai actor
Trey Chui-yee cellist
Ada Choi actress
Felix Chong screenwriter, film director
Matthew ""Matt" Chow screenwriter, director, producer
Stephen Chow comedian, screenwriter
Joe Chung writer
Chung Chun-to "Kenny Bee" singer, musician
Baroness Lydia Dunn politician
Roger Finn television host
Nellie Fong politician, accountant
Khoo Fuk-lung comic artist
Quenby Fung author
Victor Fung chairman Li & Fung companies
Li Fung-ying unionist
Roger J. Hamilton author, educator
Myolie Wu Hang-yee actress
Wong He actor
Albert Ho politician
Cyd Ho politician
Edward Ho architect
Godfrey Ho film director, screenwriter
Ivy Ho screenwriter, film director
Sir Kai Ho attorney, physician, essayist
Edmond Pang Ho-cheung novelist, playwright, filmmaker
Cheung Hok-ming politician
Johnny Hon financial advisor, founder Global Group
Akio Hong travel writer
Edmond Leung Hon-man singer, songwriter, producer
Sir Robert Hotung philanthropist
Maggie Cheung Ho-yee actress
Norman Hsu investment promoter
Herman Hui lawyer, legal advisor
Rafael Hui politician
Sammo Hung martial artist, film producer, director
Regina Ip politician
Stephen Ip politician
Wong Jing film director, producer
Tony Leung Ka-fai actor
Wai Ka-Fai filmmaker, producer
Steve Wong Ka-Keung singer, songwriter, musician
Wong Ka-Kui singer, songwriter, musician
Peter Kam composer
Wong Kam-po racing cyclist
K continued
Yuet Wai Kan medical scientist, physician
Wong Kar-wai filmmaker
Sadie Kaye television presenter, writer, filmmaker
Chan King-ming politician
Chan Kin-por politician
Au Kin-Yee screenwriter
Lau Wan Kit comic artist
Vincent Kok scriptwriter, film director
Patrick Kong film director, screenwriter
Kenny Kwan singer, songwriter
Stanley Kwan banker, writer
Stanley Kwan film director, producer
Aaron Kwok singer, dancer
Sun Kwok astronomer
Ip Kwok-him politician
Leung Kwok-hung politician, political activist
Wong Kwok-pun scholar, poet, translator
Yuen Kwok-yung microbiologist, infectious diseases researcher
Andy Kwong cinematographer
Chan Kwong-Wing music composer
Albert Lai engineer
Gigi Lai actress, singer
Lee Lai-Shan Olympic medalist, windsurfer
Chet Lam singer, songwriter
Chua Lam columnist, food critic
Dante Lam film director, producer, writer
Richard Lam lyricist, columnist
Tsang Lap-Chuen philosopher
Andrew Lau cinematographer, filmmaker
Andy Lau singer, film producer, actor
Emily Lau politician
Jeffrey Lau film director, screenwriter, producer
Joseph Lau real estate investor
Michael Lau toy figure illustrator, designer
Alex Law film director, producer
Dennis Law film producer, screenwriter, director
James Law architect, product designer
Michael Andrew Law fine artist, painter
Daniel Lee film director, screenwriter
Daniel Lee triathlete
Deon Lee game designer
Hacken Lee lyricist, football sportscaster
Joseph Lee politician, professor
Quentin Lee film writer, director
Albert Leung lyricist
Bryan "Beardy" Leung actor, director
Kenneth Leung accountant, tax adviser
Kwan Pun Leung visual media director, photographer
Priscilla Leung politician, attorney, professor
Toby Leung singer, actress
Andrew Li jurist
Arthur Li politician
Dinu Li artist
Fred Li social worker, legislator
Herman Li musician
Lee Lik-chi film director, screenwriter
Yu Lik-wai cinematographer, film director
William S.W. Lim architect, author
Paul Lin writer, composer
Little Astrology Prince astrologer, writer
Henry Litton jurist
Steven Lo entertainment company founder, team manager football association
Teddy Lo LED artist
Christine Loh legislator, human rights monitor
Andy Loo mathematician
Danny Lui venture capitalist
Geoffrey Ma jurist
Alan Mak writer, director
Au Lok Man writer
Colin McAdam writer
Lee Pui Ming pianist, vocalist, composer
Lee Ming-kwai police commissioner
Ng Ming-Yam politician, writer
Claudia Mo journalist, politician
Charles Mok IP telecommunications operator, columnist
Lewis Morley photographer
Chan Mou comic artist
Curie Mui actress
Yau Nai-Hoi filmmaker, screenwriter
Kam Nai-wai politician
Christine Ng actress
Deep Ng singer, songwriter
Margaret Ng politician, attorney, writer, columnist
Priscilla Ng television journalist
Fung Chin Pang comic artist, illustrator
Kearen Pang cross-media creator
Basil Pao photographer
Eugene Pao musician
Jenny Pat television personality, visual artist
Peter Pau cinematographer
Pan Pey-chyou politician
Chung-Kwong Poon chemist, educator
Yau Lop Poon journalist, editor-in-chief
Cheang Pou-soi film director, screenwriter, script supervisor
Anjali Rao television anchor, journalist
Robert Ribeiro jurist
Wen Shaoxian writer
George She social activist
Lee Sheung-ching actor, playwright
Josephine Siao actress, writer, psychologist
Tony Leung Siu-Hung movie choreographer, stuntman, actor
Lau Siu Kai sociologist
Tsui Siu-Ming screenwriter, film producer, choreographer
John Chun Sai So lord mayor of Melbourne, Australia
Louisa So actress
William So actor, singer
Joseph Sung educator, writer
Sir John Joseph Swaine attorney, former governor
Alan Tam singer, actor
Albert Tam writer
Sir David Tang founder Shanghai Tang fashion chain
Patrick Lau Hing Tat urban designer
Lee Tim-shing television producer, director
Andrew To activist
Johnnie To film director, producer
Raymond To dramatist, screenwriter, film director
Ronny Tong politician
Timothy W. Tong educator, mechanical engineer, author
Andy Tsang police commissioner
Eric Tsang film director, producer, television host
Chip Tsao columnist, broadcaster, writer
Brian Tse author children comic series
Christopher Tsui thoroughbred racehorse owner
Szeto Wah politician
Chong Wai-kin television producer, director
Ho Wai-On composer
Juncheng Wei mathematician
Yip Sai Wing singer, songwriter
Gigi Leung Wing-kei singer, actress
Ma Wing-shing illustrator, writer, publisher
Lee Wing-tat politician
Chan Wing-wah conductor, composer
Arthur Wong cinematographer, screenwriter
Ivana Wong singer, songwriter
Manfred Wong radio personality, writer, film producer
Paul Wong singer, songwriter
Raymond Wong film score composer
Raymond Wong politician, author, radio host
Lau Wong-fat politician
Annie Wu activist, entrepreneur
Xiaomingxiong gay rights activist, author
Xu Xi writer
Joseph Yam statistician, economist
Chao Yat comics artist
Derek Yee film director, screenwriter
Lam Sheung Yee actor
Michelle Yim actress
Wilson Yip filmmaker, screenwriter
Raymond Yiu composer, conductor, pianist
Man-Ching Yu composer
Winnie Yu radio personality
Shawn Yue actor, singer
Corey Yuen film director, producer, action choreographer
Kan Yuet-keung banker, lawyer
Wong Yuk-long artist, publisher
Joey Yung singer, actress
Terence Yung pianist
Huang Zuqiang (Huang Yi) writer