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Welcome to Cabo Verde

Flag Description

Five unequal horizontal bands; the top-most band of blue - equal to one half the width of the flag - is followed by three bands of white, red, and white, each equal to 1/12 of the width, and a bottom stripe of blue equal to one quarter of the flag width; a circle of 10, yellow, five-pointed stars is centered on the red stripe and positioned 3/8 of the length of the flag from the hoist side; blue stands for the sea and the sky, the circle of stars represents the 10 major islands united into a nation, the stripes symbolize the road to formation of the country through peace (white) and effort (red)

Independence / Republic Days
Independence from Portugal July 5, 1975


Calling code

Cape Verdean escudo (CVE)

Geographic Coordinates
14°55'N 23°31'W

Official languages

Western Africa, group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal

Geographic coordinates
16 00 N, 24 00 W

Map references

total: 4,033 sq km
country comparison to the world: 176
land: 4,033 sq km
water: 0 sq km

Area - comparative
slightly larger than Rhode Island

965 km

Maritime claims
measured from claimed archipelagic baselines
territorial sea: 12 nm
contiguous zone: 24 nm
exclusive economic zone: 200 nm

Elevation extremes
lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m
highest point: Mt. Fogo 2,829 m (a volcano on Fogo Island)

noun: Cabo Verdean(s)
adjective: Cabo Verdean

Portuguese (official), Crioulo (a blend of Portuguese and West African words)

National anthem
name: "Cantico da Liberdade" (Song of Freedom)

National Anthem lyrics/music
Amilcar Spencer LOPES/Adalberto Higino Tavares SILVA
note: adopted 1996

revenues: $414.6 million
expenditures: $607 million (2013 est.)

Taxes and other revenues
21.2% of GDP (2013 est.)
country comparison to the world: 153

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