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Welcome to Bolivia

Flag Description

three equal horizontal bands of red (top), yellow, and green with the coat of arms centered on the yellow band; red stands for bravery and the blood of national heroes, yellow for the nation's mineral resources, and green for the fertility of the land

note: similar to the flag of Ghana, which has a large black five-pointed star centered in the yellow band; in 2009, a presidential decree made it mandatory for a so-called wiphala - a square, multi-colored flag representing the country's indigenous peoples - to be used alongside the traditional flag

Independence / Republic Days
Independence from Spain Declared 6 August 1825


Calling code

Boliviano (BOB)

Geographic Coordinates
17°15'N 88°46'W

Official languages
Kriol, Spanish, Garifuna, Maya, Plautdietsch

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Central South America, southwest of Brazil

Geographic coordinates
17 00 S, 65 00 W

Map references
South America

total: 1,098,581 sq km
country comparison to the world: 28
land: 1,083,301 sq km
water: 15,280 sq km

Area - comparative
slightly less than three times the size of Montana

0 km (landlocked)

Maritime claims
none (landlocked)

Elevation extremes
lowest point: Rio Paraguay 90 m
highest point: Nevado Sajama 6,542 m

noun: Bolivian(s)
adjective: Bolivian

Spanish (official) 60.7%, Quechua (official) 21.2%, Aymara (official) 14.6%, Guarani (official), foreign languages 2.4%, other 1.2%
note: Bolivia's 2009 constitution designates Spanish and all indigenous languages as official; 36 indigenous languages are specified, including some that are extinct (2001 census)

National symbol(s)
llama; Andean condor

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