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Official Website : http://bharatpur.rajasthan.gov.in

Headquarters : Bharatpur
State : Rajasthan

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 5066
Rural : 4916.38
Urban : 149.62
Population : (Census 2011)
Population : 2548462
Rural : 2053363
Urban : 495099
Male : 1355726
Female : 1192736
Sex Ratio : (Females per 1000 males) 880
Density : (Total, Persons per sq km) 503

Official language : Hindi, Braj Bhasha, Mewati, English

Helplines :
Addl. Divi. Comm. 9414302736
A.D.M. (Admin.) 9414319979
A.D.M. (City) 9660381111
A.D.M. (Deeg) 8003733800
C.E.O. Zila Parishad 7579142987
Revenue Appellate Authority
Settlement Officer 94136691120
ACEM (HQ) Bharatpur 7409812252
Secretary, U.I.T. 9414218416
D.I.G. Registration
Registrar Maharaja Surajmal Brij University
A.C.P. (Dy.Dir.) DoIT&C 9784018380
S.D.O. Bharatpur 8094453810
S.D.O. Kumher 9529631764
S.D.O. Deeg 9530316103
S.D.O. Kaman 9414986383
S.D.O. Nagar 9414424400
S.D.O. Nadbai 9414333175
S.D.O. Weir 9680024241
S.D.O. Bayana 9950640319
S.D.O. Roopwas
S.D.O. Pahari 9521576930
S.D.O. Bhusawar 9680024241
BDO Sewar 9928278824
BDO Kumher 9414206907
BDO Deeg 9530302182
BDO Nagar 9530302303
BDO KAMAN 9414016125
BDO Weir 9530302132
BDO Bayana 9414846746
BDO Roopwas 9414861385
BDO Pahari 9680934904
BDO Nadbai 8107565656
Tehsildar Bharatpur 9982150015
Tehsildar Kumher 8094125050
Tehsildar Deeg 9414711977
Tehsildar Kaman 9460081140
Tehsildar Nagar 9468617702
Tehsildar Pahari 9784507902
Tehsildar Rupwas 9413834244
Tehsildar Nadbai 9461103263
Tehsildar Bhusawar 9460603428
Tehsildar Weir 9610979009
Tehsildar Bayana 9530315933
Treasury Officer 9414025791
Distt. Statistics Officer
D.S.O. 9772020333
Public Relation Officer
D.I.O. N.I.C. 9829493313
Inspector General Police 9414178080
Superintendent of Police 9530411082
Addl. S.P. (HQ) 8764862588
Addl. S.P. (ADF) 8764862681
Addl. S.P. (Deeg) 9414051333

Population (Census 2010) :
In 2011, Bhandara had population of 1,200,334

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

Brief About Bharatpur District

Bharatpur district lies in the most eastern part of the the State. It forms boundaries with Gurgaon district of Haryana in the north and north-east. Mathura and Agra lie in the east. Dhaulpur district lies in its south and Sawai Madhopur, Dausa and Alwar district in the west.

Distance from major cities
Jaipur-174 kms.
Delhi-186 kms.
Ahmedabad-799 kms.
Mumbai-1,350 3kms.

The district has a dry climate.
The maximum temperature ranges between 44 degrees and 47 degrees celsius
Minimum temperature is between minus five and one degree Celsius.

Administrative Setup
The district is composed of three sub-divisions, viz., Bharatpur, Deeg and Bayana. These sub-divisions have been further divided into ten tehsils namely, Bharatpur, Nadbai, Kumher, Bayana, Roopbas, Weir, Deeg, Kaman, Nagar and pahari and nine panchayat samitis.

Major Crops and Their Production
The major crops of the district are wheat, gram, jowar, bajra, pulses, groundnut, mustard, rai, etc.

Production: 1999-00 (Tonnes)
Wheat 5,41,411
Rapeseed and Mustard 2,03,454
Bajra 1,43,124
Pulses 79,927
Gram 45,502
Jowar 31,004
Sugarcane 12,662
Barley 10,216
Paddy 9,119
Red chillies 4,516
Sesamum 1,716
Maize 110
Groundnut 83

Production: 1999-00 (Tonnes)
Bajari 2,338
Brick Earth 1,02,725
Churt 1,376
Fire Clay 1,284
Masonary Stone 1,22,824
Sand Stone 35,107
Silica Sand 4,870
Soap Stone 1,418


There are six grid sub-stations (GSS) in Bharatpur district.

The important rivers of the district are Banganga, Gambhir and Rupard flowing only in the rainy season. Bharatpur Feeder and Gurgaon Canal are also extending the irrigation facilities in the district.

Minor irrigation projects are Khurrampur canal, Ballabgarh canal, Lalitamundia canal, Lalpur canal, Pathera canal, Ramesh Swami canal, Dharsoni canal etc.

Road Transport
The National Highway No.11 connecting Agra, Jaipur and Bikaner passes through Bharatpur. Its total length within the district is about 71 kms. The total road length is 1,985 kms.

Rail Transport
The total rail length in the district is 262 kms out of which 207 kms., is broad gauge and 55 kms., is meter gauge. Bharatpur, Bayana and Nadbai the important business centres of the district are well connected by railways.

Air Transport
The nearest airport is at Agra.

Communication Facilities (No.)
Post offices 276
Telegraph offices 58
Telephone exchanges 34
Public call offices 815