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Academic Cooperation Association (ACA)
Academie Avignon
Academie Europeenne de Bruxelles
Academie Europeenne D'Informatisation (AEI)
Accounting Advisory Forum
Action for Development (SOS Hunger)
Action vivre ensemble
Actions pour l'enfance et le Developpement de l'Afrique Centrale (APEDAC)
Activated Carbons Producers Association
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Committee (APIC)
Advertising Education Forum (AEF)
Advertising Information Group (AIG)
Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
Aero Club of the European Community (ACEC)
Africa et Development (AFRIDEV)
Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN)
African Legal Network (AFLENET)
AFS Interculturele Programma's vzw -Belgium Flanders
Agency of Technical Development Cooperation
Agricultural Commodities Committee, (ACP-EC)
Aid to Displaced Persons and its European Villages
Aide a l'enfant
Aide au Developpement, International (ADI)
Aide au Tiers-Monde, Sivry
Aide de Saint-Andre au Tiers-monde
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration European Association (AREA)
Airports Council International - European Region (ACI EUROPE)
Alliance europeenne numismatique
Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE)
Alliance for Chemical Sciences and Technologies in Europe (AllChemE)
Alliance of Maritime Regional Interests in Europe (AMRIE)
Aluminum Can Recylcing Europe
Aminoplast Glues Manufacturers Association
Amnesty International (AI) - European Union Office
Amnesty International Vlaanderen
Amnesty International, European Union Association
Appel pour le plein emploi en Europe
Arab Study and Research Centre
Architectes Sans Frontieres, International (ASF International)
Architects Council of Europe (ACE)
Ars Medica Pro Humanitate International
Arthur K Watson International Education Centre
Arusha School of International Criminal Law and Human Rights
Asociacion Belgo-Ibero-Americana (ABIA)
Association belge des africanistes (ABA)
Association Belgique - Bolivie - Amerique latine (ABB)
Association de phytosociologie africaine tropicale (APAT)
Association deontologique europeenne de graphologues (ADEG)
Association des etats generaux des etudiants de l'Europe (AEGEE-Europe)
Association des etudiants pour la prevention de la gueree nucleaire (AEPGN)
Association europeenne de formation paysanne et rurale (AEFPR)
Association europeenne des enseignants (AEDE)
Association europeenne des jeunes historiens
Association europeenne des meuniers exportateurs (EUROFLOUR)
Association europeenne pour la vente a distance (AEPVD)
Association europeenne pour le droit bancaire et financier (AEDBF)
Association femmes d'Europe
Association for Cereal Starch Industries of the EU
Association for Cultural, Technical and Educational Cooperation (ACTEC)
Association for Development Cooperation through Science and Technology
Association for Emissions Control by Catalysts (AECC)
Association for European Training of Workers on the Impact of New Technology
Association for Improvement Safety (AFIS)
Association for Innovative Cooperation in Europe (AICE)
Association for Peace, Brussels
Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE)
Association for the Advancement of Consumerism in the World
Association for the Development Cooperation of the Catholic University of Leuven
Association for the Exchange of Culture and Science between East and West
Association for the Foundations of Science, Language, and Cognition (AFOS)
Association for the Introduction of New Biological Nomenclature (AINBN)
Association for the Taxonomic Study of the Flora of Tropical Africa
Association for University Cooperation USA-Europe
Association francophone europeeenne des diagnostics infirmiers (AFEDI)
Association internationale de la mutualite (AIM)
Association internationale de pedagogie universitaire (APU)
Association internationale de reassurance mutuelle
Association internationale Europe's 500 (Growth Plus)
Association internationale pour la recherché en crimonologie juvenile
Association of Alumni of the College of Europe
Association of Cities for Recycling
Association of Detergent Zeolite Producers (Zeodet)
Association of Diaconal Organizations in Europe (Eurodiaconia)
Association of European Airlines (AEA)
Association of European Battery Manufacturers (EUROBAT)
Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS)
Association of European Conjuncture-Institutes
Association of European Electricity Meter Manufacturers
Association of European Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industries
Association of European Gas Meter Manufacturers
Association of European Gypsum Industries (EUROGYPSUM)
Association of European Manufacturers of Carbonless Paper (AEMCP)
Association of European Manufacturers of Glass Beads for Road Safety Markings
Association of European Performers' Organizations (AEPO)
Association of European Public Postal Operators (PostEurop)
Association of European Radios (AER)
Association of European Regions of Industrial Technology















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