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Welcome to Barbados

Flag Description

Three equal vertical bands of blue (hoist side), gold, and blue with the head of a black trident centered on the gold band; the band colors represent the blue of the sea and sky and the gold of the beaches; the trident head represents independence and a break with the past (the colonial coat of arms contained a complete trident)

Independence / Republic Days
Independence from the United Kingdom 30 November 1966


Weather in Barbados
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Calling code
+1 (spec. +1-246)

Barbadian dollar ($) (BBD)

Geographic Coordinates
13°06'N 59°37'W

Official languages

Caribbean, island in the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela

Geographic coordinates
13 10 N, 59 32 W

Map references
Central America and the Caribbean

total: 430 sq km
country comparison to the world: 202
land: 430 sq km
water: 0 sq km

Area - comparative
2.5 times the size of Washington, DC

97 km

Maritime claims
territorial sea: 12 nm
exclusive economic zone: 200 nm

Elevation extremes
lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m
highest point: Mount Hillaby 336 m

noun: Barbadian(s) or Bajan (colloquial)
adjective: Barbadian or Bajan (colloquial)

English (official), Bajan (English-based creole language, widely spoken in informal settings)

National symbol(s)
Neptune's trident

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