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Official Website : http://barabanki.nic.in

Headquarters : Barabanki
State : Uttar Pradesh

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 4402
Rural : 4337.13
Urban : 64.87

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 3260699
Rural : 2929896
Urban : 330803
Male : 1707073
Female : 1553626
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 910
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 741

Official language : Hindi

Helplines :
District Magistrate 9454417540 05248-222730 222229 222629
Addl.District Magistrate 9454417611 05248-222669 222345
SDM Fatehpur 9454416147 05240-245610 224518
SDM Ramsanehi Ghat 9454416146 05241-255228 255261
SDM Ramnagar 9454416149 05240-233375
SDM Sirauli Ghauspur 9454416150 05241-256166 256166
SDM Nawabganj 9454416145 05248-226969 222435
SDM Haidergarh 9454416148 05244-245350
Sr.Treasury Officer 05248-222600
Development Department
Designation Mobile Office Residence Fax
Chief Development Officer 05248-223103 05248-222618 222548
District Development Officer 05248-222282
Project Director 05248-222548
ADDO(SK) 05248-226446
District Social Welfare Officer 05248-224553
DEStO 05248-222380
District Agriculture Officer 05248-221598
DPRO 05248-222865
DLO 05248-221108
Executive Officer (Fisheries) 05248-222889
Bhumi Sanrakshan Adhikari (Kursi) 05248-225620
Bhumi Sanrakshan Adhikari (Gomti) 05248-222409
BDO Banki
BDO Fatehpur 05240-224915
BDO Ramnagar 05240-233555
BDO Suratganj 05240-253592
BDO Pure Dalai 05241-237044
BDO Dariyabad 05241-262234
BDO Haidergarh 05244-245724
BDO Banikodar 05241-222645
BDO Trivediganj 05244-252204
BDO Masauli 05248-225629
BDO Harakh
BDO Nindura 05240-273531
BDO Sirauli Ghauspur 05241-256004
BDO Dewa 05248-245616
BDO Siddhaur 05244-222515
Health Department
Designation Mobile Office Residence Fax
CMO 05248-222794 05248-229331
CMS 05248-222914 05248-228316
CMS Women Hospital 05248-222793
Distt. Hospital Emergency 05248-222914
Police Department
Designation Mobile Office Residence Fax
SP 9454400251 05248-222277
ASP South 9454401019 05248-223915
ASP North 9454401020 05248-222307
CO Sadar 9454401386 NA

Population (Census 2010) :
In 2011, Barabanki had population of 3,260,699

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

Brief About Barabanki District

The district of Barabanki also known as the 'Entrance to Poorvanchal', has the privilege of being the penance ground to numerous saints and ascetics. There are several ancient sayings to the naming of this district. The most popular among them is that, due to the reincarnation of 'Bhagwan BAARAH' on this poise land, this place came to be known as 'BAANHANYA' which in course of time got corrupted to Barabanki. The headquarters of the district was at Dariyabad until 1858 AD, which was later shifted to Nawabganj in 1859 AD the other popular name of Barabanki.

As the saying goes, in ancient times this district was part of the kingdom ruled by Suryavanshi kings, whose capital was Ayodhya. King Dashrath and his famous son, Lord Ram were of this dynasty. Guru Vashisht was their Kulguru, and he preached and taught the young royal princes of the dynasty at Satrikh, initially known as Saptrishi.

This district was under the rule of the Chandravanshi kings for a very long period. During the Mahabharat era, it was part of the 'Gaurav Rajya' and this part ofland was known by the name Kurukshetra. Pandav along with their mother Kunti had spent some time on the banks of river Ghaghra during their exile.

'Parijaat ' world's unique tree, Kunteshwar Mahadev temple, and its extremely ancient Shivling, Kunteshwar (Kintur) on the poise banks of Ghaghra, Bazaar Dharam Mandi (Dhamedi), and the famous Lodheshwar Mahadeva's Shivling etc. are proof enough that this region had an important place even five thousand years ago during the Mahabharat period. As per the historical documentation available, in 1030 AD this region was attacked by Sayyed Salar Masood, brother of Mahmood of Ghazni. In the same century Qutubuddin Gaha of Madina annexed the Hindu princely states, thereby establishing the Muslim dominance then on. During the reign of the great Mughal emperor Akbar this district was dividedly under the sirkars of Awadh and Manikpur.

Many kings and princes opposed the expansion of British rule into this district by waging wars againstthem. During the British Raj, several kings fought for their independence and laid down their lives doing so, the great revolutionaries ! Raja Balbhadra Singh Chehlari along with about 1000 revolutionaries sacrificed their lives for independence from the British rule.The last battle of the First War of Indian Independence was fought in December 1858 AD here in this district.

During the middle of the nineteenth century the revolutionaries put up their last front at 'Bhitauli ' which proved unsuccessful in comarison to the strong British forces. Leaving behind the Bhitauli front the independence fanatics along with Begum Hazrat Mahal, Nana Saheb entered into the territory of Nepal to continue their freedom struggle from there.

In 1921 AD Gandhiji started the Non-cooperation Movement, thereby igniting the flame of independence once again. Here too, the district leading from the front, opposed the arrival of Prince of Wales to India. As a result, protests were organised and large number of freedom fighter courted arrests at the Government High School, Nawabganj, Shri Rafi Ahmad Kidwai was also arrested. During 1922 AD Khilafat Movement, 1930 AD Salt Movement, and in 1942 AD the Quit India Movement, the people of this district actively participated in these movements thereby giving sleepless nights to the British Raj. As a result, the District Congress Office was sealed. But, the local leaders continued their protests remaining underground. The Haidergarh Post office was looted on 24th August 1942 as a mark of protest by the revolutionaries. Similar incidents took place at the GPO Barabanki and Satrikh.

The people of this district enthusiastically respond to the call of Satyagraha and large numbers courted arrest. At last, on August 15,1947, the country achieved its long-awaited independence. Every home in Barabanki along with the rest of the country celebrated the occasion with great enthusiasm.

Road and Rail Map of district Barabanki
The land of Barabanki district possesses a rich heritage in keeping with its glorious past. This district since its inception has been the meditorium for numerous saints and ascetics, sanctum sanctorum of 'Sadhna' for the literary intellectuals and battlefield for the freedom fighters. For bringing the whole world under one umbrella, Sufi Saint Haji Waris Ali Shah of international fame, motivated people through the message of JO RAB WAHI RAM i.e. the supreme power, God is One, is the flower of this fertile land.Satnami Saint Shri Jagjiwan Das and Saint Malamat Shah lit the torch of communal harmony for the countrymen at large. The place of pilgrimage of the KANWARIYAS' Mahadeva, the Kurukshetra of Mahabharat and the Parijaat tree - the animate symbols of Mahabharat era are also present as mile stones of the spiritual tilt of this sacred land of Barabanki district.

District Barabanki was known as Dariyabad with its headquarters at Dariyabad town established by an officer in the army of Mohammed Shah Shariqi by the name Dariab Khan. It remained the district headquarter till 1858 AD. The district headquarter was shifted to Nawabganj in 1859 AD now known as Barabanki. This was done during the expansion of the district by the British, when Kursi from district Lucknow and Haidergarh from district Rae Bareli were added to the, then Dariyabad district