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Argentina Flag Description
Three equal horizontal bands of light blue (top), white, and light blue; centered in the white band is a radiant yellow sun with a human face known as the Sun of May; the colors represent the clear skies and snow of the Andes; the sun symbol commemorates the appearance of the sun through cloudy skies on 25 May 1810 during the first mass demonstration in favor of independence; the sun features are those of Inti, the Inca god of the sun

Independence / Republic Days
Independence from Spain : 25 May 1810

Buenos Aires

Calling code

Peso ($) (ARS)

Geographic Coordinates
34°36'S 58°23'W

Official languages
Spanish (de facto)

Southern South America, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between Chile and Uruguay

Geographic coordinates
34 00 S, 64 00 W

Map references
South America

total: 2,780,400 sq km
country comparison to the world: 8
land: 2,736,690 sq km
water: 43,710 sq km

Area - comparative
Area comparison map:

4,989 km

Maritime claims
territorial sea: 12 nm
contiguous zone: 24 nm
exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
continental shelf: 200 nm or to the edge of the continental margin

Elevation extremes
lowest point: Laguna del Carbon -105 m (located between Puerto San Julian and Comandante Luis Piedra Buena in the province of Santa Cruz)
highest point: Cerro Aconcagua 6,960 m (located in the northwestern corner of the province of Mendoza; highest point in South America)

noun: Argentine(s)
adjective: Argentine

Spanish (official), Italian, English, German, French, indigenous (Mapudungun, Quechua)

National symbol(s)
Sun of May (a sun-with-face symbol)

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