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Apps (New technologies which save time are developing faster).

We plan to share apps from June 2019.
To ensure that the consumers download apps faster, we plan to share them industrywise and within the industry alphabetically. So Zee 5 will be in Television industry and shared with last alphabet which is Z (So the alphabet is not shared based on how many number of viewers download the app).

The right banner is different for each industry and they are industrywise which means only apps related to the industry can take the banner. Also remember that any app is shared free of cost and we can not share apps related to crime, naxalism, activism, antigovernment, porno.
We will share apps related to political parties, police, military because they are critical for every citizen in this world.


To share your app, mail to Datacentre your app code and industry in which we should share it.

For details, contact Datacentre. is of the clear opinion that every product is responsible for climate change.
It can be while manufacturing, business processes, packaging, advertising or anything the product is associated with. We plan 365 000 website links of products. These products can be from any country in the world and we will share the official website.

In 2015, Nielson published its annual Global Corporate Sustainability Report. It indicated that, globally, 66% of consumers are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand.

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