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Official Website : https://www.alipurduar.org

Total area : 3136 Sq Km.
Coverage (Latitude and Longitude) 89 Degree E-89.9 Degree E , 26.4 Degree N-26.83 DegreeN
Average elevation : 93 m (305 ft)
Major rivers - Torsa, Kaljani, Raidak, Jayanti and Sankosh (From west to east).
Soil type : Coarse loamy and fine loamy

Demography(2011 census)
Total population : 15,01,983
Total male population : 7,70,905
Total female population : 7,31,078
Sex Ratio : 948/1000
Population Density : 539/Sq. Km.
Percentage of literate person (total) : 64.7%
Percentage of male literate population : 36.23%
Percentage of female literate person : 28.47%

Official languages : Official- Bengali, English Regional- Bengali, Hindi, Bodo, Nepali

Helplines :
(Toll free) 1800-345-5562
Alipurduar Dm 03564 -255062 9733770051
Alipurduar Sdo (s) 03564 -255188
Alipurduar i Bdo 03566 -246249
Alipurduar ii Bdo 03564 - 224202
Kalchini Bdo 03566 - 240110
Falakata Bdo 03563 - 260238
Kumargram Bdo 03564 - 252239
1 Alipurduar Alipurduar Sd Hospital 03564 255085
03564 258538
03564 255102
(Emergency) Superintendent Of Hospital
2 Kalchini Latabari Bphc 9830797316 Bmoh
3 Falakata Falakata Bphc 03563 260256 Bmoh
4 Samuktala Samuktala Phc 03564 240266 Mo
5 Kumargram Kumargram Phc & Kamakhyaguri Phc 7872468013
9832317252 Mo
6 Hasimara 10 Air Force Hasimara 8116603151 Mo
7 Madarihat Madarihat Bphc 9732020611 Bmoh
8 Birpara Birpara Hospital 03563 267064 Superintendent Of Hospital

Population (Census 2010) :
Alipurduar 65,232

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

About Alipurduar district
Alipurduar is the newly created District of West Bengal. It became 20th district of West Bengal on 25thJune ,2014. Alipurduar the 2ndlargest Sub-Division was created on 7th July 1876. The Late Colonel Hedayet Ali Khan was the first Assistant Commissioner of Alipurduar and it was named after him. Alipurduar District isfamous for Three " T" (Tea , Tree & Tiger).

The Climate of this district is warm and humid . In Summers the temperature runs 250 C to 370 C and in Winters temperature runs 180 C to 60 C. The Average Rainfall of this district is —–. Maximum rainfall of West Bengal is found in Buxa Fort. This district consists of six blocks namely 1) Kumargram, 2) Kalchini, 3) AlipurduarI, 4) Alipurduar II,5) Falakata, 6) Madarihat-Birpara and one Municipality i.eAlipurduar Municipality covering 2566.85 Square Kilometer area and its population is more than 70lakh. Alipurduar is a Multi-lingual district of West Bengal where Bengali, Hindi, English, Sadri, Oraon, Munda, Kharia, BoroSantal language are spoken and different communities of Tribes are foundhere. The tribe TOTO is found only in this district and it is significant that this Human species is getting abolished gradually.

There are five Legislative Assembly Constituencies under this district i.e. 1) Kumargram (ST), 2) Kalchini (ST), 3) Alipurduar , 5) Falakata (SC) , 6) Madarihat-(ST) and one Parliamentary Constituency (ST) .