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You are like "Drop in the ocean": Nobody will like if we say this fact. They think : I am important. I is so important in everything that we hear. I.

Please note
Size of all citizens in this world range from 0 to 635 KG
You may be billionaires, PMs, Presidents, Queens, Kings as well as Below the poverty line
In terms of human body size, it is more or less same for Billionaires, PMs, Presidents, Queens, Kings, Film heroines, Film heroes, Sports stars as well as middle class & Below the poverty line people in the world.

Click here to see detailed information of how body weight ranged by region - average body weight ranges from 57.7 Kg (127.2 lb) to 80.7 Kg (177.9 lb)

Now compare this with Mass of earth according to NASA. Earth's

There is no need for any arithmatic calculations. Just see your weight and mass of earth and you know that you are a drop in this big ocean of world.
And we are saying world which is part of earth. And earth is much smaller when you compare it with UNIVERSE.

It then clears one simple thing
In terms of weight any human being is just a drop in the ocean
7.7 billion citizens on earth are like 7.7 billions of drops on earth.

And see that there are billions of living things like reptiles, wild life, marine animals ......... So it is much more than just 7.7 billion odd living human beings.
So again, you are like a drop in this big ocean.


But YOU are important.

CSRidentity.com cover what you face in terms of challenges on social, health & climate issues and what are the government initiatives plus what key stakeholders like NGOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities, volunteers and ratail donors do as part of their responsibility towards themself, this world, this earth, this universe

What is the difference in words "Mass & Weight" according to Wikipedia
In common usage, the mass of an object is often referred to as its weight, though these are in fact different concepts and quantities.
In scientific contexts, mass is the amount of "matter" in an object , whereas weight is the force exerted on an object by gravity.
In other words, an object with a mass of 1.0 kilogram weighs approximately 9.81 newtons on the surface of the Earth, which is its mass multiplied by the gravitational field strength.
The object's weight is less on Mars, where gravity is weaker, and more on Saturn, and very small in space when far from any significant source of gravity, but it always has the same mass

Below the Poverty Line
In August 2008, the World Bank presented a major overhaul to their estimates of global poverty, incorporating what they described as better and new data.

The World Bank’s long-held estimate of the number of people living on the equivalent of $1 a day has now been changed to $1.25 a day.

At a poverty line of $1.25 a day, the revised estimates find 1.4 billion people live at this poverty line or below ($1.25 a day at 2005 prices).
This is more than the previous estimate of 984 million with the older measure of a $1 a day in 2004.

For simplicity in remembering this, we often say that there are more than 1 billion citizens in this world who live with a daily income of $1 a day or below. (Because individuals & institutions are obsessed with number 1)

We have never seen poor citizen shown above but have met a lot of people below the poverty line. We think that we may attend business meetings / seminars / conferences / training sessions / workshops in big or small hotels, we may earn income above the so called poverty line, but we must always remember that more than 1 billion people citizens in this world earn $1 a day or below and still have the mental power to live.

Yes, many people get awards for the great work they are doing for social, development or nation building issues, world or universe building issues or doing great work for saving oceans, wild life / marine life and living beings, nature, non living beings like houses, automobiles, airplanes... It is one way that organisers recognise the work winners are doing and these awards only inspire the winners to continue doing more work .... but our cofounder Sanjay Bapat feels that the winners have greater responsibility and winners should lift at least 1 below the poverty line person to above the poverty line (we will be too happy to help anyone in any area of the world to identify an NGO who lift poverty. The winners as well as NGOs lifting poverty should send a mail to the editor)

Giving jobs to people to increase their financials is one thing but lifting people above the poverty line gives invaluable satisfaction.
If one gets awards like Magsaysay or Nobel then it is a recognition of individual effort (in some cases institutional) and winners should not equate that to money because it is given to them to recognise the great work they have already done and it ensures more people support their work.

No, please dont misunderstand this sentence to our belief in awards.
We think awards are recognition to the work (it can be one's great work in science or manugacturing or just any field) and we dont want winners to change their focus. We are sort of equating awards to people below the poverty line only because we dont know how many millions of awards exist in the world but we know more than 1.4 billion citizens just earn $1.25 a day or less than that.

Yes, our cofounder Sanjay Bapat requests all to not give him any bouquet or any money with the award (yes, he will be happy if one recognises our work with the award trophy because it gives us more satisfaction). If any money is given to him, we request you to giving that award money to Developed Nation Network Trust or to any credible NGO you know, or to any institute which recognises credible NGOs or to any political party (afterall the governments administer their areas or countries and we have stated giving more respect to all political parties from 2015).

See Hari Wagh we met recently.

Tribute to Bhau's thinking will be only when we reduce below the poverty line citizens. (We are mentioning Bhau here because our cofounder Sanjay Bapat's & CSRidentity.com's sustainability is thanks to his courage on 28.08.2013)

We have great respect for Bhau's philosophy and our founders believes that we all should try to reduce the number of poor people in this world. That will be a tribute to individual's thinking and instead of just one person, we are taking care of adivasis's
in Kokanipada (a pada which is part of a village in Thane district) and nomadics in Yamgarwadi in Solapur district in Maharashtra)

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.