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Our purpose : Integrate social development of all stakeholders from all countries in this world




Our purpose : Integration of social & health work by individuals & organisations (all stakeholders) in all countries for enhancement of universal development.




A couple of things why this is our purpose.
1) Our purpose of life and work and the very concept of CSR was changed on 28.08.2013, when our cofounder Sanjay Bapat had an almost fatal accident.
In year 1999, we had started portals of Thane first and then on Indian NGOs, Indian Managers, Indian Entrepreneurs.
We thought we should have a portal for NGOs across the world, so we had started a portal on International NGOs in the 4th quarter of year 2001.
We did not continue the portals on Thane, Indian Managers, Indian Entrepreneurs and International NGOs, but continued portal on Indian NGOs / NPOs.

In 2009-10, we started understanding corporates in different countries. It was not just CSR (Corporate Social Responsoibility) & philanthrophy to communities & nature but CSR in business process, People & planet policies, different organisations like GRI, Global compact .... so CSRidentity.com was started. The idea was to learn what corporates in India can learn from corporates across the world and vice versa.

But after 28.08.2013, Bhau taught us an important thing.
Vishwachi Maze Ghar (Universe is my house; this is an age old saying in Marathi and it does not mean in legal terms that every house is mine because we know no one can have every house in the world and we also know privacy & emotional issues of humans in different countries).

Bhau was the father of our cofounder and he was the first person to take our cofounder to the hospital - and remember he was 82 years that time but was in great control of mind. He left this world on 09.02.2015 just three days before he would have completed 84 years.

2) Why all stakeholders ? : We know countries are managed by governments and directly as well as indirectly, politicians have a great role, which means they are important stakeholders. Country's safety is taken care of by military, police .. so they are stakeholders. There are scientists who invent or discover and play a great role of people across the world. There are corporates who not only work to geneate profits / products / services but directly employ a lot of humans and indirectly, are supporting supply chains, SMEs ... as well as buy products which is the business of other corporates e.g. Food, Tea, computers, registers, pens, security material.. and in some cases, support social issues. There are NGOs, funding agencies, philanthropists who support social issues, media which write about happenings in their region & some write about happening in the world.
We know citizens think of celebrities as next to GOD. And they celebs can play an important role in helping social issues and climate.......There are CSR people, NGO founders, journalists, PR & corp com people.............. These & the citizens of this world are our stakeholders.

3) Why we say Universe ? World is a small part of universe and every action tha all of us do may be very very very small if we think of universe. But we all are part of this world & universe. We cant say that we are not bothered about what happens because of us.

4) Why we say this world ? Scientists may share that there is another world where human can live or there are non human beings or non living things like machines / robot ... and as of now, we are able to share what happens in this world. So we say this world.

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.