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Legal issues

Legal issues
We know and understand clearly that the law of the country is compulsory for its citizens and we must follow it.

Humans were born first and then law started.
First human was discovered 2.8 million years ago or 3.2 million years ago and law was certainly after this.
Law came after humans were born on this earth.
So humanity is much much before the law. Which means humanity was sort of born first much much before the law.

Now that the world is a village, and we are part of this big universe, be stringent and know the law of this universe.
And the simple thing which affects this universe and all of us is something we and our earlier generations have done to climate.
Climate change is already a big social, health, developmental and universal issue.

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We may like each other, we may not like each other's attitude, but we know that universe must develop & constantly develop.
We know many illegal activities taking place in this world, but we cant do anything about it immediately.
Changing mindset takes a lot of time (infact years or decades).

Efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the content on this website; however, the same should not be interpreted as a statement of law or used for any legal purposes. Also, the issues of focus may change with time and our content may sometimes look outdated, specially the stats based content. That is why we have decided to give source so that you can visit the source to get updated stats or be clear of the research dates.

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Remember, we always think of Vishwachi Maze Ghar, which means Universe is my house. But it is imagination not reality.

Our personal experience
Some humans are medically born as individuals
Clearly, they dont have humanity if they dont see their father, grand father, father in law when he is living last few moments of life or when he is medically not present but physically present on earth. This is not a legal issue but a human issue, an ethical issue, a moral issue.

India, world is wathching how much time you take to take a decision in truth's favour
(We hope decision will be taken in truth's favour, but we are saying TIME)

We do not know if there is a law against a medically fit citizen of India related to Gifting her or his house (house on the name of only her or him) to their own son who is medically fit to take decisions regarding his house (of course with inputs or advice from land experts or lawyers ....). If someone registers a legal complaint then does the law take so much time that the person who gifted her or his house is not physically present on earth to see her / his WILL become a in reality and court takes decision years after the person has left earth ?


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