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What is the credibility of information on CSRidentity.com ?

Do we share only credible content on CSRidentity.com ? (Repeat only credible)?
We are integrators of information and manytimes, people & organisations share information without knowing the reality or without mentioning them as source.
So it is not right to say that all the information and data on CSRidentity.com is correct.

So what we do ?
We will not mention private information because manytimes corporates think that there are many things which are private like the percentgewise content in the product or there is information which their employees or their competitors should not know ... and there are many things which are privacy related in the NGO sector, funding agencies, media ......
So we will avoid information which has no source.
Of course, we will not avoid mentioning the names of rivers, scientists, celebrities, doctors, hospitals, corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, media, philanthropists ... because many people know them. But we will not share their mobile numbers or emails because we value privacy.

But I want credible information and I know it will cost, which I am willing to pay.
If you are willing to pay for our research on credibility of an NGO or a corporate .... then our consulting team will help you by investing time & our credibility
Of course there will be a charge, but it is far too less than what you think.
The charges vary because the cost of talking to someone at the location through phone varies from locations in India to locations in any country.
So we cant tell you our charge without knowing what and where you want plus the urgency.
Send an email to Datacentre@CSRidentity.com


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