Wolfsberg Standards

Wolfsberg Standards
The Wolfsberg Standards consist of the various sets of AML Principles, as well as related Statements, issued by the Group since its inception.

Wolfsberg CB Principles 2014
For avoidance of confusion, the original Wolfsberg Correspondent Banking Principles, issued in 2002, have been removed from this site

Wolfsberg Group MIPS Paper, 2014

Wolfsberg Private Banking Principles, May 2012

Wolfsberg Guidance on Prepaid & Stored Value Cards Oct 14, 2011

Wolfsberg Anti-Corruption Guidance (2011)

Statement on the publication of the Wolfsberg Anti-Corruption Guidance August 2011

The Wolfsberg Trade Finance Principles (2011)
For avoidance of confusion, the Wolfsberg Trade Finance principles, issued in 2009, have been removed from this site

Wolfsberg Monitoring Screening Searching Paper - Nov 9, 2009

Wolfsberg AML Guidance on Credit/Charge Card Issuing and Merchant Acquiring Activities - May 2009

Wolfsberg Group, Clearing House Statement on Payment Message Standards - April 2007

Wolfsberg Group, Notification for Correspondent Bank Customers - April 2007

Wolfsberg Statement - Guidance on a Risk Based Approach for Managing Money Laundering Risks - March 2006

Wolfsberg Statement – Anti-Money Laundering Guidance for Mutual Funds and Other Pooled Investment Vehicles - March 2006

Wolfsberg Statement on The Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism - January 2002



Banco Santander
Bank of America
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
Goldman Sachs
J.P. Morgan Chase
Société Générale
Standard Chartered Bank

Wolfsberg standards