Donors want ROI (Not Return on investment but Returns on social investment where I is Impact. We share examples across the world in success stories.


Skill development

We had planned to share social issues in each country.
But each country has different rules, regulations, restrictions on NGOs and donors. Countries have privacy of citizens & we respect that.

So now we plan to share Examples of programmes which make difference, the NGOs which do it and the corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, clubs who support it.

And these examples must be shared by donors because our idea is donors should feel that other donors support the NGO and has experienced the impact of their donation. In a way it is important for the donors because if they decide to exit the NGO, they know that the communities will not suffer because there exist other donors who support the issue and NGO will not collapse, specially now that the donation is going towards Covid19 and economies have collapsed.

NGOs in any district of India
India is our global example of development and we have been working with NGOs since 1999 when we started a portal IndianNGOs.com
So we follow Indian rules regarding NGOs in India.

Share your name and link to the page where your website shares your skill development programme with Datacentre@CSRidentity.com

We will share it in related State & UT, which shares districts of India.

And all this is free because it is our responsibility to help you.

Dont send any presentations, images, pages, just name, link and state/ UT / District / Country (any country other than India) and we will share it in 3 working days on related page.

NGOs in countries other than India
Your donors like corporates, corporate foundations, funding agencies, philanthropists, Rotary or Lions or other clubs can share the success story giving example of a person who has benefited from your programmes and we will share it with the world free. And below the 3 para story we will give the name of your NGO with link to your site and the donors name with link to that donor's website.
Our idea is to promote you and the donor and related funders, media should contact you directly and what we get is satisfaction as commission and not money as commission because we want to earn billions of peace points not billions of dollars.

Also we want Thane as a global brand example and can donate part of our income to Development of Thane.

An important point
While we share NGOs in India with link to their programmes, we do not assure credibility of the NGO and the donor or media should use their criteria of impact of the work the NGO is making.

Our system will reject any images, presentations, pdfs or any file you mail us because of many conditions like too many emails or virus situation. So send only matter and link should be sent in worlds like http://www.skilldevelopment/index.asp