London Benchmarking Group



The London Benchmarking Group was formed in September 1994. It comprises senior community affairs managers from leading UK headquartered companies. It was established to meet the need for accurate and comparable information about how different companies define, fund and manage their community involvement activities.

The LBG produced the London Benchmarking Group Model in 1997 which was then tested by a group of 18 companies across different industry sectors.

The model provides a basis to decide what is, and what is not, corporate community investment. It is devised around three main motives for corporate community investment (charitable gifts, community investment and commercial initiatives in the community) and distinguishes between "input" costs and "output" benefits.

The model is adopted internationally as a benchmarkable standard.

LBG is the global standard for measuring corporate community investment.

A world where every business measures its community investment and shares this in an open, transparent and consistent way.

To provide a platform for LBG members to work with each other, and with their partners in the community, to improve measurement and make a greater difference.

Companies in the LBG network collectively contributed more than $3 billion to community causes helping more than 90 million people in the last reporting year.

About LBG
LBG is a network of corporate community investment professionals from many of the world’s leading companies. They work together to apply, develop and enhance the LBG measurement framework.

The Network
LBG is an active network of companies, driven by its members.

The network provides a forum for companies to interact with and learn from each other, to help achieve their shared ambition to make the maximum impact through the contributions they make.

LBG is celebrating its 21st anniversary year as a member-led network. In addition to this founding group, local LBG groups operate in the following locations:
Australia and New Zealand
Czech Republic
The LBG network is made up of companies spanning across sectors and geographies; many use LBG to evaluate across international programmes of activity. Current members are listed here.
LBG is governed by a representative Steering Group of members, who work to evolve the framework and its application by setting LBG’s agenda.