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Free to share social programmes, social issue funding proposals, social issue related videos that are already online.
Issuewise programmes, funding proposals & videos (Social issue programmes)
These are programmes of NGOs, Government, Corporates, Funding agencies ......We share names of the project and organisation in the headline, then 5 lines of social project or funding proposal brief information and cost and then the contact number so that donors & volunteers will directly contact you instead of us to check details and credibility of the organisation to which one is giving time or money or both.
There is no cost to it because the costs are covered eiter by or by the social issue or health sponsors.

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You can see the following free from any country (We are constantly doing research to add the missing information)
Governments , Law ministries , we will start sharing website links to government schemes for citizes of that country from April 2018.

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Funding agencies , Media, Philanthropists , Ad agencies (with addresses) , PR agencies (with addresses) , Business associations , Industry associations , Foreign embassies , Lawyers , Law firms

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Volunteering : Time based , Community based , Core competency based , Human habits based , Skill based

Donation : Books donation , Clothes donation , Computer donation , Eyes donation, Financial donation , Household products , Office equipment , Product donation ,
Organs donation, Body donation wants basic laws related to property, individual decisions, law related to climate change, vehicle driving, self earned money to be same across the world. And law must partner with human rights agencies related to many issues. Lawyers have a great role because they know the law of their country.

We will not share any videos related to religion, politics, naxalism, terrorism because while respects the views of every citizen in the world, we can not share our opinion (which may be seen as biased by some) and the law can be different in different countries, since this is a global site, we can not share these videos. But there may be specialised sites which handle these.
We will also not share any information like voting, criminal or naxalism or terrorism issues