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Funding proposal format for all stakeholders

Funding Proposals : Why funding proposals of others ? Which country, which issue ?
Funding proposals can be from any stakeholders (Governments, NGOs, corporates, funding agencies, invididuals like celebrities, volunteers) and from any district of India or for any country and any social & developmental issue & its subissue. It can be shared free with us.
We will share the funding proposals to individual or institutional donors for Rs 11450- (Rs 10000/- + present service tax of 14.5%) a toekn fee for our sustainability, global research & promotion costs. We will not charge any percentage (2%, 3%, 15%..) of donation as our fees, because our costs remain same whether one donates $1 or $ 1000 or $ 1 million..
Of course, if anyone (Corporates, NGOs, FAs, Philanthropists, Social business, Social Enterpreneurs, Celebrity.....), is sharing profiles for a cost, which is shared in Global image & reputation page, then the donors do not have to pay any fees. It can be seen free by all visitors and the donors can contact directly the institution which they plan to donate.

Funding Proposals : Which country ?
Funding proposals can be from any country.

Funding Proposals : Which issue ?
Funding proposals will be on social, developmental and issues related to sustainability tree braches & leaves (e.g. vision, ethics, governance...)
We will not be able to share funding proposals of election parties (any political party anywhere in the world because is not a political site.)
We will also not share funding proposals related to crime, exploitation, terrorism, naxalism & extremism as well as proposals which are anti governemt & religion.
Actually our cofounder believes that Truth is the only religion.

Funding Proposals : Where can you see the funding proposals ?
After a lot of internal discussion (actually debate), instead of a separate Funding proposals section, we have started them in the respective social & development issue fora. again, instead of all the funding proposal for say education issue, we will place it in subissues of the issue because donors have clarity on where they will fund. So it can be girld child education or slum child education or rural education ..... We will place the proposals based on the countries because the donor is clear about the issue and the area they want to fund. So it can be slum education in Mumbai in India or girl child education in Karachi in Pakistan.....

Funding Proposal format : Stem Learning for their India programme
Stem Learning will be privileged to support Govt organisations & corporates willing to contribute their CSR share to improve reach & quality of education in rural & unprevileged parts of India. Any corporate identity having CSR activity in the field of education can work with district education officer (Higher Secondary school – Std 5 to Std 10) to identify schools (municipal, zilla parishad, tribal). Minimum one kit consisting of 60 models/exhibits can be donated which will help the students and teachers in making science learning a fun filled activity. We also offer an assessment model to measure the impact of CSR activity at regular intervals during the year to measure its performance.
Contact Mr. Ashuthosh Pandit on 9987611400 or mail to him on Visit
This is shared in Education Science and not Education because donors are keen on exact subsissue and not issue.

Funding Proposal : Accessible versions of feature films for persons with disabilities.
Accessible versions of feature films are useful for people who are blind i.e. visual impairment or deaf i.e. hearing impairment. Due to their physical condition they are deprived of information that is communicated through visuals or sound in a film. They cannot access the film the way people without disabilities do. Accessible films help them access the information which they cannot access. Because of unavailability of accessible content for PWDs India’s more than 10 million population misses out lot of information that is important for understanding of the film. Accessible films will help inclusion of PWDs in mainstream as the same film content can be watched by people with and without impairment at the same time. It will be an effort to make world inclusive for persons with disabilities. Exact Productions is a media production company specialized in production of accessible media content for deaf and blind people. We will be privileged to associate with various corporate and govt organizations willing to contribute their CSR share for production of media content for deaf and blind people.
Contact Ashay Sahasrabuddhe |on +91 98 21 818882 or mail to him on

Who & when can one send a funding proposal ?
From 16.01.2017, we will start inviting proposals with a request to share 200 words project proposal.
The project proposal can be for any subissue from anywhere in the world.
If the NGO/NPO, corporate, funding agency or any agency wants to share funding proposal, they will pay a nominal fee given below.
One funding proposal from India : Rs 1000/- from anytime now to 31.03.2018
One funding proposal outside India : USD 20 from anytime now to 31.03.2018
The fees for any number of proposals will be in multiplication of the above mentioned fees.
These fees will be charged because we need the funds to promote the funding proposals to funding agencies, corporates, celebrities.....
It is absolutely fine with us if one doesnt want to pay the fees, the only thing we will have to do is accept the proposal but not put it online because it will be good if we take some funding proposal free and for other proposals we charge.

The 200 word project proposal
(1) can be directly linked to the full proposal on the website of the donor or
(2) we can share 200 words brief proposal plus the contact details of the stakeholder, the website or the email.
This will mean that the donors can directly communicate with the related stakeholder.

Why subissuewise and not issuewise ?
To ensure focus of members as well as donors, the proposal is shared in subissue wise and not the main issue page. This will take care of donors concern of seeing thousands of proposals in the main issue page.

If it is shared subissuewise then it makes more sense for both, the NGOs & donors. e.g. see the 200 word proposal for science education in India. It is not shared in the education index page but in Education : Science

Are we responsible for funding ?
While we take the responsibility to promote the funding proposal, we are not directly responsible for any funding.
Afterall we aer not charging any percentage of funds received like say 5%, 10% or 15%
The proposal can be on any social, developmental, CSR, sustainability or nation building issue. The stakeholder can be NGOs or central / state / county / district government, funding agency, corporate, philanthropist ...

Where is the proposal shared ?
The proposal is shared in the related subissue.
And the proposals are shared countrywise in alphabetical order.

Promotion of the concept of proposals : 16.01.2017 to 31.03.2018

16.01.2017 to 31.03.2018

We share the central government schemes in India for free viewing by every visitor.