Video or audio based volunteering - Global Status

Advantages of Live video volunteering
This is typically used by doctors who can see the patient and her / his condition or body parts which needs attention (e.g. mouth cancer patients mouth can be seen on video by a doctor from anywhere in the world of a patient anywhere in the world, if both have video access)

This is also typically used when a lecturer is teaching medicine to students which are based in far of locations in their country or any other country where both have access to videos and students can ask their questions to teachers.

This is also typically used in management sessions where the person delivering the session can be in any location and the video watchers can be in several places in different countries. e.g. it can be used when a person receiving Nobel Prize delivers her / his speech in a big event hall in Nobel Prize distribution ceremoney in Stockholm, Sweden and can be seen in video format live in many countries by not just the relatives, colleagues ... but by media across the world.

(Just example and no link
The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, Norway and the Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine and Literature and the Prize in Economic Sciences are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden. The Nobel Laureates take center stage in Stockholm on 10 December, when they receive the Nobel Medal and Diploma from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. In Oslo, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates receive their Nobel Peace Prize from the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in the presence of King Harald V of Norway.) starts Video or audio volunteering or just Videos or Audios in one's house, office, school ....

- encouraging volunteers to volunteer their time or skill or core competency or change of habits of humans or community based volunteering.
- what is the benefit of video / audio volunteering (facetime talks or whatapp video talks or through Skype), so that the volunteer can be from anywhere in the world.
- encouraging donors on donation of money, eye, organ, clothes, office equipment, household products or bicycle and of course blood donation.
- how to tackle regular diseases like fever, cough, cold ....
- how to tackle key issues like heart attack, cancer, brain tumour (here the role of patient and relatives, friends, colleagues helps doctors tackle the issue faster)
- how to volunteer in forest area school.
- how to volunteer in forest area school.
- what are the needs of volunteers in a school for differently abled in the area of skill development.
- need to volunteer in tribal schools.
- need to volunteer in signal school started in Thane.

We had started a portal on Thane way back in 1999 and will now promote Thane as a global example.
So we will try to take 365 videos from Thane from 12.2.2018 to 9.2.2019 on various things. And we are not saying 365 different people but 365 videos and many can be from one person typically on family doctor, fever, cough, cold....
Of course we are mentioning "we will tye to take videos from Thane" and it does not mean all the 365 videos are from residents of or organisation of Thane.
Some of them can be from anywhere in India (Our global example) or anywhere in the world.

Direct interviews in video format on
- how blood donation is good because it not only is a way of donation but new blood is generated immediately.
- Videos to students in the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th standard across India and related standards in other countries of why become a collector, municipal commissioner, lawyer, police, politics .... doctor, engineer, CA .... artist in film, TV channel, writer .... so that they evaluate options, think and then start preparing (We dont want students in 10th standard to think because that is the last year in school and career preparation starts much earlier. Of course, we know that an artist is a born artist, but you need education in medicine to become a doctor or in engineering to become an engineer and in India ine has to pass IAS and then one is trained and then only one becomes a Collector, Police commissioner .....)
- Video on need for starting succession planning in NGO sector
- Video on value education
- Video on how to defeat cancer (State I, State II ... are taken care of by doctors but the patient & relatives, colleagues, neighbours....have to defeat the cancer with mind clarity which is so essential to help doctors who deal with a courageous patient)
- Video on how to use of banking in financial inclusion system
- Challenges & benefits of Chartered accountants
- Foreign contribution regulation act for NGOs in India

We will simultaneously start sharing audio based interviews.

If you want to share any information, do mail Datacentre.