Volunteering Core Competency Based in India
Indian CEOs, boards, experts help the world
Just give 2 hours per year. (2 hours in 8760 hours i.e. 0.0228%)

Volunteer 2 hours every year
Gift or donate the world your competencies in management.
It can be HR, Marketing, Branding, PR, Fund raising, succession planning, how to handle consumers, clients, community.

NGOs, Funding agencies, Corporates, Media, Celebrities world over need your skill. Google language convertors translate them in 102 other languages. So sit in your cabin or in your house and help the world.

Yes, we know visiting Eiffel Tower is far different than just seeing videos or pictures or see them through video calls..

So do volunteer, meet children, orphans, differently abled, poor, slums ....
But this is besides the 2 hours per year of core competency volunteering.
Marketing professionals spend the entire year on marketing but marketing heads dont go throughout the year for selling the products, they meet consumers, retailers, meet other department heads like the manufacturing which makes the products or R&D who does research, the Advertising deparment head who reaches out to consumers or HR head who handles people .... they think of the success or failures of marketing the product, the future of how the product or group of products should be marketed, the new type of users or consumers .... so the role & time spent by marketing head is different than a sales person.

And the CEO of the company has to look at all the departments and the past, present & future of the company of which he is CEO, she / he has to look at competition, meet business association, industry association, press, government .... so role of CEO is different.

These roles seem defined on paper but they add to stress of the person. And their is then health of the CEO, so her / his blood pressure, tension .. and other health issues needs medicine.

Think this 2 hour volunteering as a medicine to relieve your stress.
This volunteering medicine is 1 great way of doing two things together.
1) Relieves your stress.
2) Satisfaction of helping the world.
And you are sitting in your cabin or in house, so no car used. This means it is climate positive. In addition, you save time of driver, security staff, no addition to traffic, get more time with your family which is parents, husband or wife, children ... friends ... relatives ... closed ones who are not relatives ....So its good medicine which does not require you to take doctor's help or doctor's prescription ....


We start with Indian corporates.
And there is no corporate, funding agency or NGO or media or philanthropist who sponsors this because if a company sponsors this, the competition may not take this volunteering medicine. Or other companies from other industry may not like this because they are volunteering for good reasons and the volunteering is sponsored by other. Its not volunteering one is sponsoring but the concept or space they are paying for.

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See world map below. If this country looks smaller in the world map, imagine how small it will be in the Universe.

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