Community based volunteering


From 02.10.2017, CSRidentity.com starts

1) Sharing countrywise names of individuals (not institutions) who do community based volunteering.
Next to the name, if you want we will give your contact number and time to contact you (we dont want 24 hour calls, so you can say 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM India standard time or whatever time is ok). We can not delete the mobile number & time because we may get many emails and it is good to commit and not do it. So be responsible when you give time and mobile (again, please dont share the name of the organisation from where you are)

2) Sharing countrywise names of schools or NGOs/NPOs which want volunteers from their communities.
But there is a nominal charge to such NGOs / schools because there is a cost of our space and our promotion activities for you.
We will announce the charges soon
Just mail Datacentre.

The list of countries across the world and states / UTs in India are shared in the top of each page in this folder.


Community based volunteering
The community based volunteering can be any community. It can be poor people, children in municipal schools, children of private schools, women, disabled , senior citizens ... We are making a spcific folder for community based volunteering because we know volunteers are human beings and they want to volunteer for a specific community say differently abled (unfortunately world calls it disabled) or children or senior citizens ....

Each citizen in this world lives / works in communities. One may think that she / he is volunteering but indirectly she / he meets the persons who can be his family members of employees or can be customers / consumers or can be potantial customers / consumers or can be from a family of workers in supply chain or can be citizens of her / his country or this world .... so while one thinks that she / he is volunteering, they get a return gift of knowing people.

If you want to share any information, do mail Datacentre.