Volunteering time, specific community, skill, core competency, human process or human habit based and online volunteering of any of the earlier.

We request all citizens in this world to volunteer their time.
And we offer our services to corporates to do employee volunteering (any where in India. It can be many days or just one day volunteering).

Shared below are various types of volunteering and they are linked to repective related folders.

New idea of online volunteering on 10.5.2017
We have thought a new online employee volunteering programme on 10.5.2015.
It does many things at the same time
1) Saves travelling time of volunteers
3) Saves money to travel and cost of time
3) It is climate positive
4) One can volunteer with an NGO in Japan from Cambodia
(from any country / island to any country / island)
5) If one is say Marketing head, then she / he can online teach marketing techniques to NGOs or Marketing students or anybody who is keen to learn the techniques of marketing. CSRidentity.com will just announce the day, time (the time of country where one is located) and which site one can log on to learn marketing. This means not just professional in corporates, but say heads of marketing or business development of an NGO or college professors in marketing can volunteer.

We know when people want to volunteer with communities, they actually want to go to the location and volunteer but it is difficult to get NGOs for volunteering and more so, it is not possible for say a professional in Marketing in Netherlands to to and teach NGOs in Oman. Which means it is good for core competency volunteering or skill based volunteering and we know that the future of volunteering will be divided into two parts. One is actually visiting the place & volunteering and second is online volunteering.

We will start this online volunteering from 2nd October 2017 (2nd October is the day when the father of nation - India - was born).

If you want to share any information, do mail Datacentre.


1) Time spent with communities
Please volunteer your time either with communities (e.g. children, disabled, poor women, senior citizens....) or with nature (planting trees, sharing the benefits of products which enhances ones health & hygiene).
e.g. we have seen how great it is to spend time with senior citizens who stay out of their homes in a place where all senior citizens stay together. They love if we go there and play games or sing or chat with them or take care of them by simple massage that anyone can do (not medical massage) or just by taking their hand in your hand and wish them.
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2) Community based volunteering
The community based volunteering can be any community. It can be poor people, children in municipal schools, children of private schools, women, disabled , senior citizens ... Each citizen in this world lives / works in communities. One may think that she / he is volunteering but indirectly she / he meets the persons who can be his family members of employees or can be customers / consumers or can be potantial customers / consumers or can be from a family of workers in supply chain or can be citizens of her / his country or this world .... so while one thinks that she / he is volunteering, they get a return gift of knowing people.
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3) Skill based volunteering
One may be the chairwoman or chairman of a large multinational corporate, but has skills in singing or playing guitar which is not used in business meetings.
So the skills do exist but one has little time to use these skills.
But this is an opportunity for you to become a different human being and it is a great source of inspiration for the community.
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4) Core competency based volunteering
NGOs/NPOs do a great work for communities & nature but many times they are so overwhelmed with their focus, that they need management competencies to scale up or enhance the operatons so that they can reachout to more communities. We request people with core competencies in management (mostly corporate volunteers) to invest more time to share their competencies in addition to the joy they get in spending time or using skills.
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5) Human mind process or human thinking process based volunteering
Research shows that if we do the thing again and again for some days, it becomes a habit. So this becomes a process we adopt knowing or unknowingle. e.g. lunch, bath are basic needs for survival and we dont have to teach having lunch or how to take bath. But there are things we need your volunteering for. It may seem small but it is a great thing where one invests time to share and show how bath with soap for 21 days helps cleaning the dirt we get from our playing or gardening or anything we do everyday.
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Two important things.
1) Any NGO can share their name & 60 word address (we are sharing it countrywise & districtwise in case of India, so no need to name the country or district) plus 50 word not sentence volunteering opportunity say
Play harmonium for senior citizens staying in hostel (These are 45 words)
In India, they have to donate a
nominal sum of Rs 500/- to Developed Nation Network Trust, our NGO.
In countries other than India, they have to pay USD 20 (remember we have to pay USD 10 to bank) to CSR Consulting because our NGO does not have FCRA as of now.
If the total words including address, contact details, volunteering opportunity is 200 or less, the NGO in India donates Rs 1000/- to Developed Nation Network Trust, our NGO.
In countries other than India, they have to pay USD 30 (remember we have to pay USD 10 to bank) to CSR Consulting because our NGO does not have FCRA as of now.
2) This opportunity of sharing name is only for NGOs and the NGO should not have any CSR portal or portal inviting corporates to help or partner with NGO. Our editorial is keen on brand value and will look into any organisation which pays money because we must give service to them.
We will not accept more than 200 words from any NGO and this is irrespective of the money they are ready to pay.
3) Please note that from 28.8.2017, we plan to share the names of volunteers (Just the names & not the names of the institutions / organisations they work with).
The names should be shared not by volunteers directly but the NGO with which they volunteer or in case of direct volunteering, the organisation with whom they work with or the agency which helps them in volunteering (like we helps employees of corporates volunteer)
This is shared countrywise
This is shared districtwise in India, our global example country.
This is our honest tribute to their value to volunteering.
But yes, it creates their own identity or maybe a brand.