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Value education
Many parents want their children to be highly educated in academic terms.
When children become students and go to 5th standard or may be earlier, they want to get into the best college in the world.
When it comes to marriage, the girls want their husband to be hightly educated academically and the husband wants his world be wife to be highly educated.

Our cofounder Sanjay Bapat became engineer, did his MBA (MMS in Mumbai) but he hardly gave importance to education is classroom. He used to bunk engineering college and play cricket, football and badminton and when he did his MBA, he used to play carrom when there were classes or go to library. But he passed. He knew what they ask in academic exams because he used to go to library and see the questions asked in papers in last few years. And study the answers.

He never thought academic education was important.
For him the importance of education was VALUE education, which means to understand importance of the issue and see the answer to the issue.
Whether it is history, geography, science ... he wanted to know the actual historical scenario or actual geography and in classroom he was told that the desert area is ....., there is more monsoon in ..... He never questioned the teacher because he did not know what to ask or did not have daring to ask ... so he listened just for the examination and not learning.

He always thought that he should pass the exam and get into college and when he was in college he thought pass the exam and get into post graduation, get married...

He hardly gave importance to lectures not because they were boring but what was taught was there in the books. There was hardly any practicals which demonstrated e.g. hardly can one actually see desert or heavy mosoon areas in Arunachal Pradesh in India (in school days his thinking was limited to India) ... or 2 + 2 = 4 or the square of 34 was 1156 (in schools, one passes when she / he gets 35 marks, so 34) .. now there are calculators

When he visited companies or NGOs or political leaders, they hardly talk about history of the company or the NGO or political party or country because their focus is present and their stragegy is for the future. They know the history of the company or NGO or country and that is the base on which the present condition is and they think about the future of the company or NGO or country and what changes need to be done. Ask them about history or geography taught in classes and they say, "that is histroy and we have not time to discuss this", yes, they say that it is history, which means histroy is known but they can not remember the entire history which was taught in their school. plans to make 28 CDs by 28.3.2019 on various things like 7 wonders, UNESCO world heritage sites, deserts, 28 heavy monsoon locations, 28 rivers, 5 oceans, 28 religious locations, 28 historical locations ... parts & purpose of human body like eyes, ears, nose, mouth, sparsh or brain, heart, hands, legs, sexual organs ... fearless people who have incurable disesases .....from videos that are shared on by people or people we know or other sources ... because we want people to see what they talk, understand the things they talk.....

That is a small way of adding value to what we learn which is an integral part of Value education (Not financial value but VALUE).

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