United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG)

United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG)

About UNEG

The United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) is an interagency professional network that brings together the evaluation units of the UN system, including UN departments, specialized agencies, funds and programmes, and affiliated organizations. It currently has 45 such members and three observers.

The supreme decision-making body of UNEG is its Annual General Meeting (AGM), where UNEG members present will make decisions in principle by consensus. Between AGMs, an Executive Group is established to make decisions concerning UNEG's ongoing work mandated by the AGM. For other non-trivial matters, the UNEG Chair consults all UNEG Heads.


UNEG envisions that evaluation is fully realized in every entity of the UN system through appropriate evaluation policies, resources, skills and activities. Thereby, evidence produced by evaluation informs a more relevant, efficient and effective UN system with greater impact on the lives of the people it serves.


UNEG's mission is to promote the independence, credibility and usefulness of the evaluation function and evaluation across the UN system, to advocate for the importance of evaluation for learning, decision-making and accountability, and to support the evaluation community in the UN system and beyond.

To achieve its mission, UNEG's work is focused on four strategic objectives, according to its Strategy 2014-2019:

1) Evaluation functions and products of UN entities meet the UNEG Norms and Standards for evaluation;
2) UN entities and partners use evaluation in support of accountability and programme learning;
3) Evaluation informs UN system-wide initiatives and emerging demands; and
4) UNEG benefits from and contributes to an enhanced global evaluation profession.
UNEG members include evaluation units in the following entities:
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