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Day by day, life of a human is increasing because of medical advances.
Human beings must remember that they are on this earth because of their parents (Biological parents or parents who have legally adopted citizens).

After one is born to parents, one may think teachers, celebrities of various types, political leaders, political parties, religious leaders as their parents, but here we are taking about biological parents or parents who have adopted you before you are 5 years old.

One must remember that parents take care of their child, play with them, tell them stories .... encourage them, take care of their childhood mistakes , take care of medical & education expenses... But we have seen citizens from so called middle class family not bothered (economically as well as mentally) about the health of their parents or in law, so much so, that they do not see their parent or in law when the person expires and is about to be taken to crematorium or when last rights are performed. Our founder thinks this is not human behaviour. It will not surprise us if the child or grand child or physical relatives or neighbours of such inhumans do not take care of them or their medical expenses or doesnt live with them or doesnt come to see them when they are about to be taken to the crematorium.

If their child or grand child has basic human behaviour, then they will straight ask such inhuman persons if you have human behaviour because you not only avoided to take care of your parent but did not see the parent when the parent was about to be taken to crematorium .. and if that child has even a small degree of human behaviour, then she or he will not waste their time in thinking about it ....same with neighbours (again, if they have some human behaviour, because they may be same as such inhumans) .... it will not surpise our founder that when the child or grand child of such inhumans becomes an adult and neglects her / his parent, not take care of them when they face medical challenges, so much so that they dont bother to see a living parent or see the parent when the parent physically leaves this world.


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